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Tip – Windows 8 – Outlook vs Mail App

Something built-in to Windows 8 that we haven’t seen in quite this way before is the Mail app. Aimed at home and personal users , it seems so much more useful than previous similar apps such as Outlook Express or Windows Live Mail . If you’re like us, you’ve probably got a number of different email accounts that you use for various different things – perhaps one for personal emails, one for your work email, maybe even a separate email for hobbies and clubs. Now, you can get them all in one place, and rather easily, with the Windows 8 Mail app. Just add each of your accounts, and you’re set up to get all of your mail right on your start screen.
For businesses or just for those who like a little more freedom to configure and troubleshoot their email client, a new version of Outlook is being released with Office 2013. For office / business use, Outlook continues to be the best option, as it’s far more configurable, integrates perfectly with other Office applications, and allows access to many advanced settings that the Mail App does not.
But if you’re looking for something to save you a little time when you’re at home, the Windows 8 Mail App is easy to set up and does the job very well.

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