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Business IT Support in
Birmingham and the Midlands

Business Excellence Through Enlightened IT

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Geek-Guru is a West Midlands managed service provider offering managed IT support and IT services to businesses across the UK. We pride ourselves on our personal touch, our attention to detail and of course our technical expertise.  Geek-Guru has grown by building long-term relationships with our clients. We do that by being dependablereliable and above all, offering real long-term value.

Our culture of excellence is based on the following:

  • Customer Support: We have exceptionally low client turnover. That’s because we are really good at what we do and value each and every client.
  • Mature Support Model: Our support is quick, responsive and effective. We’ve invested in our processes and tools to ensure we offer the very best support to our clients.
  • Security Focused: Security is baked in to everything we do. We keep our clients secure around the clock. Day in, day out.

It’s a simple formula that we take pride in. It’s why we keep our clients year after year.

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Looking for the latest cyber-security advice? CyberSet from Geek-Guru is a completely FREE cyber education platform offering guides, resources, training and more.

Managed IT Support Since 2006

We like to think we’re the most approachable IT company in the Midlands. We are personal but professional; easy to speak to in plain English but absolute experts in our field. We’ve built our business by helping our clients with the things that are important to them. Nothing makes us happier than solving a pain point that makes our clients lives easier. That’s why our clients clients renew with us year after year.

Helpdesk Support

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We offer a swift helpdesk with an industry beating SLA for quick, responsive and effective support when it’s needed.

Office 365 Support

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Support for your Office 365 and cloud solutions. We have experts in SharePoint, OneDrive and other Microsoft cloud technologies.

Cyber Security Support

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Cyber experts in house and everything we do is done with our clients security in mind. Supporting our clients security is always top of our agenda.

Services & Solutions

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Managed Services IT Support

It’s fair to say – Managed IT support is kind of our thing. 

We offer a totally managed service to our clients encompassing hardware support, software support, network support and support for cloud technology. Our state of the art monitoring and maintenance platform enables us to manage several thousand endpoints across the UK (and internationally). We offer true proactive support – keeping your kit working around the clock without expensive onsite IT support.

We’re able to offer support to businesses of all sizes and have clients in a range of industries including:

  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Professional Services
  • Retail
  • Charities and public sector

We work on building long-term relationships with our clients and we do that by providing top-class support. Managing your IT internally can be a real headache so why not give us a call and see how Geek-Guru make our clients lives easier year on year.

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Complimentary Support

Already have IT support in house? Geek-Guru can still add value!

A lot of our clients have some form of IT support in house. That may just be a particularly techy individual or it may be an entire IT team. Geek-Guru work alongside our clients to fill in the gaps; providing complimentary support where needed.

  • 1st Line Support – Perhaps you want to take the pressure off your IT team to work more strategically? Maybe they’re spending t much time on day-to-day support they’re not getting around to bigger projects? By freeing your internal team from 1st line support you can give them space to work on other things.
  • Specialist Support – Perhaps you have the day-to-day stuff covered but want to make sure an expert is on hand for specialist support. Maybe you lack expertise in one area; like IT security or networking. We can provide 2nd and 3rd line cover for a range of IT specialisms.
  • Strategy & Consultancy – Maybe you have day-to-day support sewn up but need strategic advice or support. We’ve been doing this a long time and our clients can benefit from that expertise – even if they don’t need a support contract.

Clients can benefit from our state of the art monitoring and management platform even if they have IT support in house. We offer discounted rates for clients who want to utilise our software with their own engineers and can provide installation services, training and support.


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Cloud Technology & Strategy

Cloud this, cloud that… Finding it hard to sort the wheat from the chaff?

In the past decade, cloud technology has soared in popularity. Cloud technologies can drive down costs, improve productivity and remove barriers for small businesses. Organisations of all sizes are choosing to used cloud based technology for services such as email (Office 365) data storage (SharePoint) and backup (G-Secure). However, cloud is not right for every business and every use case. It’s important that you work with a technology specialist that understands the cloud and understand the changing needs of their clients.

Cloud Business Systems Logos - Office 365, Dynamics and Zoho

As early adopters of cloud technology and hybrid systems, Geek-Guru has extensive experience and expertise in implementation, configuration and maintenance of cloud-based solutions. These include the entire Office 365 suite including; Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Dynamics CRM & PowerBI.

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IT Security & Cyber Protection

It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there… The Geeks have your back.

Geek Guru’s in-house cyber security team help prevent security incidents through the design and implementation of secure IT systems. We work with government and industry backed frameworks such as Cyber-Essentials, PCI and ISO27001 to ensure that everything we do results in measurable improvements in security.

Cyber-Essentials Logos - Cyber Security for businesses

Our team has vast experience in prevention and recovery from cyber incidents including viruses, malware, hacking and breaches in data protection. Our team includes IASME auditors, Cyber-Essentials Auditors, ISO27001 lead implements and CEH penetration testers. We assist our clients in hardening their networks against cyber threats whilst taking a pragmatic approach to risk and cost.

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IT Architecture and Networking

Nuts and bolts IT is far from glamorous, but we’d be lying if we said we didn’t love it.

Whether you choose a traditional onsite server, a hybrid solution, or a pure cloud system, Geek-Guru have the knowledge and expertise to make sure that system is designed, implemented, secured and maintained to the highest possible standards.

Network planning is crucially important. As a business grows, mistakes in network design can become significant issues. Businesses will often make the mistake of using their electrical contractor to install their IT network. However, network design is about much more than just pulling cables and installing wall-ports. By using an IT specialist, you are guaranteed that every aspect of your current and future IT needs will be considered in the design of your network.

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IT Consultancy

We’ve been doing this a while now – why not pick our brains?

We have a team of consultants with several decades of combined experience. Perhaps you need some strategic advice on where to go with your IT? Maybe you want to make sure your own internal IT function is running smoothly?

Geek-Guru can provide short term consultancy projects or longer term ongoing engagements.

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Why work with Geek-Guru?

We know that choosing an IT support provider is not easy – especially when every website looks the same. Geek-Guru have grown by providing excellent service to our clients; service underpinned by a focus on quality and reliability. We retain a personal touch with our clients whilst maintaining mature and robust business processes.

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Service driven by quality and reliabilityWorld leading monitoring and management systemsSecurity focused in everything we doStrategic advice from a team with decades of experienceBest in class service levels and KPIs

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Geek-Guru has clients across the UK. Our support tools are highly optimised for remote operation meaning we can provide first class support to clients from our HQ in the heart of England. For more information or to get a quote, please contact us using the details below.

(*All calls are recorded for quality and training)

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