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A new approach to IT support

Introducing Proactive+

We’ve been in IT a while now. In that time, we’ve supported all manner of clients, across all manner of industries. Whilst clients vary, the fundamentals of IT support haven’t really changed. Our clients largely want the same things from their support partner:

  • Proactive – They want someone to maintain and monitor their IT
  • Responsive – They want someone to help with the things they struggle with
  • Expertise – They want an IT expert on the end of the phone
  • Value – They want value for money and transparent pricing
  • Transparency – They don’t want to pay for things that they don’t use

Proactive+ is a new model for support. Bringing together the monitoring and maintenance elements of a proactive support model with the flexibility of a pay-as-you-use helpdesk.

Meet the team

Nibs and Gracie - Admin assistants. They make a rubbish cup of tea and don’t work well solo but they are still a vital part of the team #geekguru #meettheteam ...

Talal Afzal - Mobile Engineer. Talal is our go to guy for onsite response. He loves meeting people and fixing issues on site. #geekguru #meettheteam ...

Ginny Bains - Junior Engineer. Ginny is one of our amazing junior engineers. Along with Tyler they manage our Triage function at Geek-Guru. #geekguru #meettheteam ...

Janos Hepp - 2nd line support engineer. Janos loves everything technical and loves those things that terrify mere mortals (like Linux and powershell). #geekguru #meettheteam ...

Tyler Stanton - Junior Engineer. Tyler is our second junior engineer and manages triage along with Ginny. Contrary to autocorrect - his name is not Taylor. #geekguru #meettheteam ...

Matt Warrington - Senior Helpdesk Engineer. Along with Alex, Matt is top geek on the Helpdesk. He has a thing for collecting packaging material but we don’t talk about that. #geekguru #meettheteam ...

Alex Noble - Senior Helpdesk Engineer. Alex and Matt are top geeks on the Helpdesk. Alex also manages the office Spotify account (which is probably the most important job in the business). #geekguru #meettheteam ...

Ant Holloway - Senior Consultant. Ant’s been with Geek-Guru since the beginning. He’s our engineer of last resort - if he can’t fix it almost certainly nobody can. #geekguru #meettheteam ...

Tim Goldfield - Managing Director. Tim is the founder of Geek-Guru and principal consultant. Tim has a particular interest in IT security and data protection and is passionate about IT security for SMEs. #geekguru #meettheteam ...

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The team that says “yes”

Our clients are all unique and their support requirements are unique. There is nothing more frustrating than a support company that doesn’t assist you with the one thing that’s important to you. We are different –  nothing is too big or too small:

  • “Will you help liaise with a 3rd party”– Absolutely!
  • “Can you talk to our broadband provider” – It’d be our pleasure!
  • “Can you assist with setting up printer” – Too right!
  • “Home computer” – Of course!
  • “Mobile phones” – Why not!
  • “My website is down” – Let’s see what we can do!
  • “CCTV system” – Go on then!

We can’t guarantee we can fix everything – even our team of gurus have limits. If you ask us to do open heart surgery or plaster a wall, we’re probably not the right company. We can certainly sort out the plasterers email though!

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Services & Solutions

Proactive IT Support

It’s fair to say – IT support is kind of our thing. It’s what we started off doing back in 2006 and what we still do now!

The Geek-Guru team have various interests and specialisms and this makes us ideal for guiding and advising our clients. Our clients find us helpful, accessible and straight talking. Supporting small businesses and large enterprises alike, we are always ready to offer advice and assistance, even on the most challenging or persistent of issues. We want our clients to feel they can call on us for anything. If it’s important to our clients, then it’s important to us!

Our UK helpdesk operates from 8:30am – 5:30pm Monday to Friday and our clients think of us just like they would an internal IT department. Nothing is too big or too small. We support all your IT kit including:

  • PCs and Laptops
  • Windows & Apple Mac
  • Mobile devices – iPhones and Android
  • Servers
  • Cloud technology
  • Networking – Wired and wireless
  • Broadband & Connectivity

Coupled with our proactive maintenance and monitoring systems – your IT is in excellent hands with Geek-Guru!

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Complimentary Support

Already have IT support in house? Geek-Guru can still add value!

A lot of our clients have some form of IT support in house. That may just be a particularly techy individual or it may be an entire IT team. Geek-Guru work alongside our clients to fill in the gaps; providing complimentary support where needed.

  • 1st Line Support – Perhaps you want to take the pressure off your IT team to work more strategically? Maybe they’re spending t much time on day-to-day support they’re not getting around to bigger projects? By freeing your internal team from 1st line support you can give them space to work on other things.
  • Specialist Support – Perhaps you have the day-to-day stuff covered but want to make sure an expert is on hand for specialist support. Maybe you lack expertise in one area; like IT security or networking. We can provide 2nd and 3rd line cover for a range of IT specialisms.
  • Strategy & Consultancy – Maybe you have day-to-day support sewn up but need strategic advice or support. We’ve been doing this a long time and our clients can benefit from that expertise – even if they don’t need a support contract.

Clients can benefit from our state of the art monitoring and management platform even if they have IT support in house. We offer discounted rates for clients who want to utilise our software with their own engineers and can provide installation services, training and support.


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Cloud Technology & Strategy

Cloud this, cloud that… Finding it hard to sort the wheat from the chaff?

In the past decade, cloud technology has soared in popularity. Cloud technologies can drive down costs, improve productivity and remove barriers for small businesses. Organisations of all sizes are choosing to used cloud based technology for services such as email (Office 365) data storage (SharePoint) and backup (G-Secure). However, cloud is not right for every business and every use case. It’s important that you work with a technology specialist that understands the cloud and understand the changing needs of their clients.

As early adopters of cloud technology and hybrid systems, Geek-Guru has extensive experience and expertise in implementation, configuration and maintenance of cloud-based solutions. These include the entire Office 365 suite including; Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Dynamics CRM & PowerBI.

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IT Security & Cyber Protection

It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there… The Geeks have your back.

Geek Guru’s in-house cyber security team help prevent security incidents through the design and implementation of secure IT systems. We work with government and industry backed frameworks such as Cyber-Essentials, PCI and ISO27001 to ensure that everything we do results in measurable improvements in security.

Our team has vast experience in prevention and recovery from cyber incidents including viruses, malware, hacking and breaches in data protection. Our team includes IASME auditors, Cyber-Essentials Auditors, ISO27001 lead implements and CEH penetration testers. We assist our clients in hardening their networks against cyber threats whilst taking a pragmatic approach to risk and cost.

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IT Architecture and Networking

Nuts and bolts IT is far from glamorous, but we’d be lying if we said we didn’t love it.

Whether you choose a traditional onsite server, a hybrid solution, or a pure cloud system, Geek-Guru have the knowledge and expertise to make sure that system is designed, implemented, secured and maintained to the highest possible standards.

Network planning is crucially important. As a business grows, mistakes in network design can become significant issues. Businesses will often make the mistake of using their electrical contractor to install their IT network. However, network design is about much more than just pulling cables and installing wall-ports. By using an IT specialist, you are guaranteed that every aspect of your current and future IT needs will be considered in the design of your network.

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IT Consultancy

We’ve been doing this a while now – why not pick our brains?

We have a team of consultants with several decades of combined experience. Perhaps you need some strategic advice on where to go with your IT? Maybe you want to make sure your own internal IT function is running smoothly?

Geek-Guru can provide short term consultancy projects or longer term ongoing engagements.

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As a team of professionals, we take our roles as IT Service and Support providers seriously, meaning we always have our clients' needs at the forefront of our minds.

To this end, our team consists of highly trained, qualified IT experts, all with experience and expertise in solving real-world problems and issues as they arise.

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