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Tech Tips – Refresh and Maintain your Current Tech (Part 7)
No matter how much you try to keep your tech clean, it will inevitably get dirty just from everyday use.

Well-maintained tech performs better and lasts longer than non-maintained tech.

Knowing when and how to clean it yourself, and when to take it into for a professional cleaning, is an important factor in getting the longest service possible out of your computers and mobile devices.


Laptop, desktop and peripherals on a clean, organised desktop

Interior Cleaning

Regardless of how carefully they are handled, dust and dirt will inevitably make their way inside all kinds of devices. The amount of dust a desktop or laptop fan can accumulate in just a few months of usage even in a relatively clean environment can be quite surprising. Of course, as we went into in our previous posts, dust and dirt accumulating inside the device can lead to heat problems. A fan covered in dust simply cannot cool the interior of your machine as well as a clean fan can. Dust and dirt can block ventilation ports and keep heat inside a device, causing it to slow down so that it doesn’t overheat and break down.

Because desktops, laptops and mobile devices generate heat internally when they perform tasks, they are all made so that, when they reach a specific temperature, they will slow down their processing speed to generate less heat instead of overheating and potentially causing irreparable damage to the delicate chips inside. So, dust can, quite literally, slow down your devices. This phenomenon is known as “Thermal Throttling”.


Do-It-Yourself Tech Maintenance?

As always, it’s important to always consult a professional for advice first where expensive technology is concerned, particularly if that tech is used or relied upon by other people.

But, if it’s your own personal device, where do you start? Usually with a soft lint-free cloth and a can of compressed air. Clean away dust, dirt, and debris carefully from any grates or air intakes with the cloth, swapping it for a clean one if necessary. For ports and other small crevices you can’t get into with a cloth, you can use compressed air in small bursts, or use universal cleaning putty as previously mentioned. Be careful of pushing dust and dirt further into the body of the device.

Basic maintenance can be carried out at home, but more complicated procedures like opening up the case of a machine to clean its internal fans, boards and cables are best left to a qualified professional, such as your IT support provider, a computer repair shop or an authorised service centre.


Sanitising Mobile Devices

Antimicrobial screen cleaning wipes can also be used to sanitise the entire body of a smartphone or tablet, but care should be taken so as not to get any moisture into open ports like the charging or headphone port, or speaker grille.

Many devices have a measure of water-resistance, but unless your phone or tablet is IP rated, it’s best not to expose it to any water or water-based cleaner. If you need to clean your device, you can spray an alcohol-based smartphone cleaning spray onto a soft cloth and clean the device using that.


Remember, if you’re ever unsure, at Geek-Guru we have many years’ experience maintaining tech of all kinds, so feel free to ask us!


Want to upgrade your systems? Require assistance with maintenance? Need help or advice on hardware or software? We can help! Give us a call on 0121 312 1500 or email us at info@geek-guru.co.uk
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