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IT Tips & Tricks - Shortcuts for Success!

Posted on July 15th, 2013 by Emily


After our previous post on some of the new Windows 8 shortcuts, we discovered that not as many people as we thought were aware of shortcut keys. They can speed up your workflow tremendously! If you want to learn more, read on…


The use of shortcut keys isn’t a new thing – it’s been around for decades, and it was the way commands were given to software before the advent of the mouse. However, fewer people than you may think actually know and use them. So here’s a small list of the shortcuts we often find ourselves using in day to day tasks, and a small description of what they do.

Most operating systems have a temporary storage area called the clipboard. Copied and cut things go to this temporary storage area when you use these kinds of commands. This allows you to cut or copy from one document or program and paste into another, if the file type is supported.

  • Ctrl + C – Copy – Copies whatever you have selected into the clipboard area.
  • Ctrl + X – Cut – This takes whatever you have selected and cuts it out, storing it in the clipboard area.
  • Ctrl + V – Paste – This pastes whatever you have copied or cut.
  • Ctrl + Z – Undo – This handy little command takes you back a step, undeleting or undoing the last change you made. Many software packages support multiple undo steps, so you can undo several changes made.
  • Ctrl + S – Save – This saves the current document. If you haven’t yet named your document, it will bring up the “Save As…” dialog for you to save your file.
  • Ctrl + P – Print – This prints directly using the default settings. In some software, it will bring up the “Print” dialog.
  • Alt + Tab – Cycle through the windows you have open. Hold down alt and press it several times to keep going through the list. Once you see what you want, just release the buttons. Useful if you have many windows open at once.
  • Alt + F4 – Closes the current program.
  • Ctrl + Alt + Delete – This interrupts whatever the system is doing and brings up a menu. Useful if some of your software has crashed and your computer has stopped responding.
  • Windows Key + D – Shows the desktop. Useful if you have a lot of programs open and quickly need access to the desktop.
  • Windows Key + L – Lock the computer (for example if you need to go away from your desk).

So that’s our little list, feel free to print it out and keep it handy. Keep a lookout for future posts where we’ll include some of the lesser known shortcuts to help increase your productivity even more.


At Geek Guru we offer worry-free, efficient IT services, and we like to help people get the most out of their IT. If you want to find out more, call us on 0845 234 0580 or email us at


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Updating Your IT - Part 2 - Productivity

Posted on July 10th, 2013 by Emily


Most of us know how it feels to sit in front of a computer and wait what seems like eons for it to boot up, or to do what we want it to. This is a common symptom of out-of-date IT.


Recently, it was revealed that Civil Servants in Whitehall waste 3 days a year waiting for their PCs to start up. Unfortunately, though, for most government departments, funding is scarce and getting new machines isn’t at the top of their list, especially when they’re frequently being overcharged for products and services, and even charged for hardware that ends up gathering dust in a cupboard somewhere – but that’s something you shouldn’t have to worry about as private business owner, and at Geek Guru, we do our best to make sure of that. We’ll never sell you something you don’t need, nor will we overcharge you for things we do supply, so you can rest assured that using our services for upgrading will be as cost effective as possible, while maintaining the best possible quality and service.

Faster desktop machines and servers, along with newer software and better networking, often mean less time taken to complete normal everyday tasks, meaning you and your employees can devote less time to waiting for your IT to work and more time to actually being productive. Cutting down the wait time for files to open or save, or the time it takes for applications to open, can really have a dramatic impact on your workflow, especially when it comes to tasks such as emailing or opening webpages.

So what do you need to upgrade? Well, in an ideal world we’d upgrade everything at once, but we realise that sometimes this isn’t possible. In most cases, we will have a look at all of your machines, your network and servers, see what would provide the best performance increase, and advise accordingly. You may not even need to update all of your hardware – a lot of businesses are more limited by their servers than they realise, and simply upgrading the server hardware for your business can be a massive performance and productivity increase. Alternatively, we may recommend you make the switch to cloud computing, which is something we’ll be covering in later blog posts. Even if your company has large databases or custom software, it’s nothing we can’t handle. We’ll help you find the best solution for your company, implement it and then provide the best possible support afterward.

It’s not all in the hardware though. Updating your operating system (for example from Windows XP to Windows 8) or your other software (Office, Adobe Creative Suite, etc,) can make a huge difference because of all the optimisations and improvements that are constantly being made by their developers. This is something we can help with too, and again, we’ll take a look at your requirements and come up with a plan to suit you and your needs, rather than selling you something you don’t need.


If you’re worried or have any questions, or would like to get a quote for upgrading your systems, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us!

Give us a call on 0845 234 0580 or email us at and one of our team will be happy to help.



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Tip - Windows 8 - Lock Screen

Posted on November 05th, 2012 by Emily

Unlike other Windows lock screens, the Windows 8 one doesn’t give you any hints or info about what you should do. And when you first launch into Windows 8, the lock screen is all you’re confronted with.
Just press the spacebar or scroll the mouse wheel, or swipe the screen upward as you would to unlock a smartphone if you’re using a tablet pc or touchscreen. This will prompt you to enter the details you chose during installation, and allow you to log in to Windows.

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