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Microsoft Teams Updates – Features for Spring 2021
As the UK continues to ease its way out of lockdown, the tools we’ve used to handle the remote working situations of the past year or so are still being developed and expanded to better suit the needs of teams who are still operating remotely – whether it’s a temporary or permanent arrangement.



Microsoft is still developing and implementing new features for their Teams platform, including some adjustments to make presenting and filesharing easier. In this week’s blog we’ll have a look at some of these new features.



PowerPoint Live

One of the biggest features added recently is the ability to launch PowerPoint presentations from inside the Teams app rather than opening PowerPoint and sharing your screen. This could save some users a lot of time; it also works with Presenter Mode in Teams – the speaker will be displayed at the bottom of the slide on-screen.


Filesharing Limits Increased

The file size limit for files shared in Teams has been raised from 100GB to 250GB, allowing higher resolution videos, 3D models and renders, datasets and other large files to be shared using the platform.


More in-call Options

Emotes and reactions have been added – you can now like, love, applaud or laugh as a reaction in Teams meetings – allowing you to react even if you have to stay on mute or are just viewing the meeting.

Up to 20,000 people can now be invited by one host in view-only mode – allowing even larger groups or classes to use the Teams platform. Hosts can also download viewing and attendance reports to help with analysis.

Low-Data calling mode has been added as an option for those on a limited bandwidth or metered connections. This may come in handy for some users who frequently have to use a mobile connection with a set data cap – and may also help people whose internet frequently struggles to keep up with calls due to bandwidth issues, or for people who do not want to use up too much bandwidth on a shared or household connection where others may need to use the internet simultaneously.

More scenes have been added for Together Mode – now Teams can display everyone together on-screen in more different settings. Some more fun themes have been added, such as 8-bit pixel, winter and under-sea themes.


Notifications and History

Teams users on Windows 10 can now use either Teams’ app notifications, or switch to Windows 10’s own notifications system, the latter of which will give greater control of when and how notifications appear, such as when using Focus Mode.

A history of messages, files, tabs and other content you have previously opened is available for desktop users now, by hovering over the “back” button. This feature could help immensely if you have a task or conversation that requires frequently switching between items inside Teams.



Need help with hardware or software to help keep your team organised and productive while working remotely? Need assistance moving back to an office-based environment, or implementing and managing a hybrid system? We can help! Give us a call on 0121 312 1500 or email us at info@geek-guru.co.uk
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