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Tech Commentary: Windows phone overtakes Blackberry

Sales figures for the first quarter of 2013 show that Windows Phone has overtaken Blackberry to take third place in the ongoing smartphone race. Android and IOS still account for the vast majority of the market at 75% and 17% retrospectively but for the first time Microsoft have pipped Blackbbery with 3.2% vs 2.9%.

Of course this needs to be put in perspective. Android and IOS still clearly lead with over 90% of the market between them. That being said it still makes interesting reading. I have never understood the continued appeal of Blackberry in the SME market. Our experience has shown that Blackberry users are less satisfied with their devices than either IOS or Android users and from an administrative perspective I have never been enamoured with Blackberry Enterprise Server or the model Blackberry use for e-mail delivery.

From a professional perspective Windows Phone is something I really want to see take off. Would I recommend it to clients? maybe not yet. Am I using it myself? Again, no. However, that doesn’t mean I’m not just a little bit excited to see it overtake Blackberry.

Tim Goldfield – Director (Geek-Guru Ltd)

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