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Weekly Roundup 22nd July 2011 – Mac OSX 10.7 Lion

LionThis week sees the release of Apple’s eighth major release of OSX for Macintosh computers – named Lion. Ostensibly the release looks similar to previous versions but includes a host of interface tweaks, usability improvements and updated or completely new applications.

The interface changes bring OSX more in to line with their mobile interfaces (IOS) and users of iPhone and iPad devices will no doubt find the changes to their liking (although some changes may take some getting used to if you’ve been a Mac user for some time).

Features that really grabbed us in the office included:

  • Full Screen Applications – A well overdue feature allowing you to maximise applications to take up the entire screen.
  • Launchpad – An iPhone esque application browser that replaces the applications folder with a side scrollable icon library.
  • Mission Control – Apple’s new method of switching between running applications and virtual desktops using track-pad gestures and a rather natty birds eye view mode.
  • Air-Drop – A local wireless file sharing utility allowing you to effortlessly share files with other Mac users in your immediate vicinity

For £20 upgrading is really a no-brainer although you will need to ensure your hardware is up to the challenge. Apple are stating that all machines post 2006 will be suitable for Lion but basically you’re going to need something running a Core 2 Duo onwards. That being said newer machines are obviously going to perform much better than 5 year old models.

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