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What Should Your IT Agreement Cover?

Accessing computer services in Birmingham via a third party provider has become THE way to get the support you need to successfully manage your infrastructure without breaking the bank. But if you are planning to outsource the maintenance and management of this vital part of your company to another organisation then setting up an agreement or IT support contract with your chosen provider is important.
Here we take a closer look at the items that should be covered in any agreement when enlisting computer services in Birmingham.

Response times

An integral part of computer services in Birmingham is IT support on demand. Disaster can after all strike at any time but knowing where to turn to is essential. Your IT agreement should specify how fast your chosen provider should respond to a reported issue, as well as what timescales should be worked towards to resolve the problem.

The support process

Every IT support provider will have its own systems in place to ensure enquiries from clients are dealt with as efficiently as possible, a process that should be fully explained in the IT agreement.

Other factors to consider

There are many more aspects that should be communicated in your IT agreement, including activity outlines, exclusions, excess charges and hours of operation.
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