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Add shared mailbox to view in Mac Office

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A folder is shared with you

If another user has shared an inbox, primary calendar folder, or primary contact folder with you, use this method to open the user’s folder.

To open the shared folder:

  1. On the File menu, click Open.
  2. Click Other User’s Folder.

  3. Enter the full email address of the shared mailbox.

You have full access permissions to a shared mailbox

When you have Full Access permission to a shared mailbox—that is, Full Access permission of a mailbox set up through Exchange Admin Center (EAC)—you can add the shared mailbox with your own credentials.

To open the shared mailbox:

  1. On the Tools menu, click Accounts.
  2. Click the Plus Sign to add an additional Exchange account.
  3. In the E-mail address field, enter the email address of the shared mailbox.
  4. Under Authentication, enter your own credentials.

Note: To see how to set up Full Access permission, see How to grant Exchange and Outlook mailbox permissions in Office 365 dedicated.

Checking the setting Sync shared mailbox will allow Outlook to synchronize the shared mailbox without requiring the user to click Send/Receive. This setting was added in version 16.13.411. Enabling this setting is highly recommended for users who use their own credentials to access a shared mailbox.

Sync a shared mailbox

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