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IT Support

Why choose IT support from Geek-Guru?

For many organisations, maintaining their IT infrastructure can be a real headache. By outsourcing your IT support to Geek-Guru, you can focus on what you do best and leave our team of dedicated IT experts to manage your technology for you. If you’re unsure if Geek-Guru can add value to your organisation ask yourself these questions:

  • Does downtime cost you money? – How much would it cost your business if your IT was unavailable for an hour?… A day?… A week? The Geek-Guru team help ensure our client’s IT is available around the clock!
  • Are you frustrated by your IT? – Do you sometimes find yourself with an IT issue that your support team say ‘is not their responsibility’? The Geek-Guru team takes ownership of issues – even if the problem lies with a 3rd party!
  • Do you find computers a bit of a mystery? – The Geek-Guru team provides IT advice tailored to our client’s individual business goals! We make sure your IT works for you and not the other way around.
  • Does your IT sometimes let you down? – Can your team all access their data when and where they need it? – The Geek-Guru team work with our client’s to make the most of their IT budgets.

Managed Support From Geek-Guru

  • Managed services support– Using our state of the art monitoring and management platform.
  • Backup management – Ensuring your critical data is protected against accidental loss or disaster.
  • Managed anti-virus & security –  We are watching your back against hackers, viruses and other exploits at all times. Think of us as your proactive IT bodyguards.
  • Patch & update management – Your servers, desktops and laptops are always up to date with the latest patches and system updates.
  • Consultancy & advice – From a team of local experts that speak your language.
  • Asset management – Management of physical assets (such as computers and mobile devices) and logical assets (such as software licenses).
  • Compliance – Our systems help with compliance programs such as Cyber-Essentials and ISO27001.

Plus a whole lot more…

The Geek-Guru Approach

We have looked carefully at how we offer support for our clients. Rather than buy a managed support solution off the shelf we have have custom built our system from the ground up. By picking and choosing the software systems we use to support our clients we ensure they are all best of class and avoid trying to wedge everything in to one platform.

IT Support - Helpdesk


ConnectWise is our ticketing and helpdesk software. It allows the tracking of issues, projects and tasks from initial creation right through to completion and feedback. ConnectWise is liked by our clients and liked by our engineers – it enables us to track each and every case with a complete historic archive of every support incident. ConnectWise is very flexible and this has enabled us to tweak the experience for our clients.

IT Support - Remote Support

Remote Support

TeamViewer is the #1 choice for remote support software the world over. It offers secure support, desktop sharing and online meetings for Windows machines, Mac and mobile devices. TeamViewer allows us to support our clients the world over, wherever they happen to be and on whatever type of internet connection.

IT Support - Updates

Software Updates

Every IT company updates Windows (you would hope). However, it is a sobering fact that the majority of hack attacks do not target Windows directly – why attack the most secure bit of the system. Most breaches occur due to exploits in software running on Windows. Examples include Java, Adobe Flash and browsers including Firefox and Chrome. That is why we update them all centrally!

IT Support - Monitoring


G-Central is our remote monitoring and management platform (RMM). Using G-Central we are able to offer unparalleled 24/7 monitoring of your servers, network infrastructure and business critical PCs. G-Central allows us to log performance data for servers, networks, desktops and even the physical environment in your comms room (heat, humidity etc). We can use this data to offer advice on real life performance of your IT infrastructure and spot and resolve issues before they become business critical.

IT Support - Backup


It is our belief that there is no ‘one size fits all’ backup solution. That is why we partner with a number of backup providers to ensure we have the right solution for your business. We have tried and proven solutions for rotated backups (Backup Assist), cloud backups (G-Central) and complete business continuity solutions (Datto). Each of these is best in class for their solution and used internationally by a wealth of businesses looking to protect their data.

IT Support - Malware and Virus Protection

Malware & Virus Protection

For three years we have been using BitDefenders cloud AV product. It is award winning, lightweight and well-priced. All of our client’s call-back to our central monitoring system so we can keep an eye on all our protected assets easily.Our clients like it because it does its job and protects their networks. Our engineers like it because it is easy to administer and protects our clients.

Security & Audit

For obvious reasons we don’t publicise the security features we employ on our clients networks. We use a suite of tools to provide sophisticated, layered security that includes both real-time protection and regular auditing. Of course we also offer enhanced security packages for our enterprise clients or clients with strict security needs (medical and financial for instance).

Proactive Support

We’ve found proactive means different things to different people. It’s fair to say, not all support is created equally!

For us proactive is about preventing issues that could easily have been foreseen. This is a win-win for us and our clients. It reduces downtime for our clients and it reduces unexpected support incidents on the Geek-Guru help-desk. Proactive extends to everything we do; from the way we monitor and maintain our supported networks to the advice and planning services that our clients rely on.

Of course there are always issues that we can’t predict or foresee, and in those cases our help-desk is there when you need it. The key to support excellence is ensuring that every support ticket is an opportunity to learn so that old mistakes are not repeated.

For the Geek-Guru team – Proactive support is a matter of pride!

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