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Weekly Roundup 1st June 2011 – Release of Office 365

Whilst Google+ is grabbing all the headlines in the technology press, what news stories have been catching our eye this week? Without doubt is has to be the release to market of Office 365 and at the Geek-Guru offices we’re all fairly excited.

After a few failed starts (See BPOS) Microsoft has finally brought a decent cloud based productivity suite to market and this one is not only priced well but also offers some features that we feel will set it above competing offerings.

With Office 365 Microsoft is hoping to break the cloud based Apps market with what they call ‘software plus services’. This approach combines the speed and ease of use of a locally installed office suite along with a cloud hosted version of the same apps for use on the road. The hope is that by combing the two solutions seamlessly users will benefit from both world without the drawbacks usually associated with using each in isolation. And you know what, we think they might just be on to something.

Imagine working on a Word document on your desktop PC. You save the document and a copy is uploaded to the cloud without you having to do a thing. You head out on the road with your laptop and continue working on your masterpiece using a version of Word hosted in the cloud. On the way home your laptop is stolen and your office burns down. Your mate lends you their laptop and you continue working on your file as if nothing has happened. All your data is safe and your applications are accessible from any Internet connected PC worldwide. Now imagine the same thing for email, your company intranet, your company CRM system…  See why we’re excited?

There are several different offerings in the Office 365 portfolio with versions suitable for businesses of all sizes. From complete server replacement though to comprehensive disaster recovery – we think there’s something for everyone.

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