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Protecting Data – Part 3 – Software Alternatives

In this series of mini-blogs we’re looking at backups and data protection. How do you backup your data, how is it best to store data to ensure you always have a copy at hand and how do you protect it when it’s off site.

Backup Alternatives

Whilst Windows Server Backup (WSB) does fit some clients IT environments it can only be used in certain circumstances. If any of these are true then WSB may not be suitable for you:

  • You require your backups to be encrypted (WSB does not encrypt backups)
  • You have multiple servers hosted on multiple physicals and require a single backup to cover all of those servers.
  • You have applications that require granular backup – such as SQL, Exchange, AD or SharePoint.
  • You require complex archiving or backup manipulation. For instance you require a monthly archive to different media.
  • You require physical to virtual conversion for your DR strategy.

In these cases third party backup software must be used. Depending on the number of servers and the applications being backed up this can be costly. Generally software is licensed by how many servers are included in the backup and how many applications will be included in the granular backup.

Third party software also comes with other benefits including the ability to use a wider range of media, the option to use cloud based storage, complex media rotations and virtual conversion to enable physical servers to be restored easily to a virtual environment in a disaster situation.

Next Time – Backup Media

Next time we’ll be looking at the specifics of choosing backup media. Check out our next blog entry for some great tips.

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