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Protecting Data – Part 2 – Software (WSB)

In this series of mini-blogs we’re looking at backups and data protection. How do you backup your data, how is it best to store data to ensure you always have a copy at hand and how do you protect it when it’s off site.

Backup Software

Your requirements for backup software will most likely come out of the initial specification as it will be defined by what is required of the backup strategy as a whole. However, the first question is usually ‘Will the built in backup suffice?’.

Windows Server has always shipped with some form of free backup software. Generally this software is no frills but provides a quick and easy backup solution where there is no requirement or budget for anything more complex. In previous versions of Windows ‘NTBackup’ was the built in option but in recent releases this has given way to Windows Server Backup.

Windows Server Backup (WSB) provides a basic system to backup data to external drives or a network share (with some tinkering). It does not support tapes and does not support encryption, which rules it out for many clients. However, where it can be used it does provide a cheap way to set up a fairly reliable backup that can be rotated offsite or archived internally. Often we use WSB alongside another backup to provide a layered backup strategy even when another piece of software is used for the primary backup.

Next Time – Alternatives to WSB

Next time we’ll be looking at alternatives to WSB. Why you may need them and what you get for your money.

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