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Hard drives – Part 5 – SSD Drawbacks

In this series of mini-blogs we’re looking at hard drives. What are hard drives, why do they fail and what can you do to extended their life and prevent data loss?

So what’s the drawback?

These days very little apart from cost. SSDs are now relatively mature and the technology has come on a long way. However, price per MB is still far higher than traditional drives which means that laptops generally don’t come with SSDs as standard until you start looking at premium machines or ultra-portables.

Because the price per MB is high laptops that do have SSDs often come with lower sized drives such as 128MB or 256MB. This is fine for most business use but not great for storing your large iTunes Store or large numbers of music and video files. If you are considering an SSD then you need to think very carefully about what data you will need on your laptop and what could be moved off to alternate storage. Do you really need to carry 100GB of music to every business meeting or would that be best on a desktop PC in the office (or an external drive)?

Next Time – External Hard Drives

External drives by their very nature are subject to even more risk that their securely housed internal brethren. Next week we’ll be looking at the various options and what you can do to protect your data.

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