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Choosing the Right Equipment – Smartphones – Part 3


So you’ve heard about the different operating systems available. What else should you consider when looking to purchase a new smartphone? There’s more than you may think…


The decision to purchase a new smartphone shouldn’t be made on the strength of the software alone. If the device doesn’t have the capacity to store much, lacks the processing power to do what you need it to, or is flimsy or badly made, you’ll soon be looking to replace the device again.

You may wonder what else there is to look for in a smartphone, so, with that in mind – here’s a list of things that we feel should be considered.

Make sure you have a rough idea of what kinds of things you need it to do, then consider the following:

  • Manufacturer / Retailer – Purchasing from a reputable manufacturer and retailer is the best thing you can do to ensure that your phone will be of certain quality and safety standards, and will be replaced if there is a manufacturing defect.
  • Processing Power – More complicated apps require more processing power to run. More processing power means a faster, more responsive phone.
  • RAM – More ram allows you to have more apps open simultaneously, switch between tasks more smoothly and open larger files.
  • Storage – On-board storage or Expandable via Micro SD Card, more storage space allows you to store more apps and files directly on the device.
  • Screen Quality – Higher resolution screens mean that things appear less pixelated and often makes things easier to read
  • Camera – Some businesses may use this feature, (for example, the presence of a front facing camera for video conferencing) so the presence and quality of any cameras should be considered.
  • Size and Weight – No one wants to carry something that’s too large and heavy for them to use effectively or too small to see everything they need to.
  • Battery Life – Some smartphones have huge processing power but of course, doing high demand tasks on the device often drains the battery faster. Some phones have power saving modes to use and consume less power, others have more powerful batteries.


As you can see, there’s a lot to consider when you’re looking for a new smartphone. Some of the points mentioned may not be as important as others, as requirements vary from individual to individual.


Next on the Geek Guru list – Tablets! Considering buying one? Give our blog a read first and it may help you to choose the best one for you or your business!


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