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Ergonomics – Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones


In the last of our blog posts this week, we’ll discover how you can make mobile computing more comfortable.


Our use of IT is changing drastically. In 2012, almost 25% of all computers sold were tablets or slates. However, ergonomics still need to be considered when using these devices, and often are not. Many people spend hours a day with their necks at about a 45 degree angle, staring into a mobile or tablet screen, or slouched over a laptop.
Excessive use of laptops, tablets and smartphones without consideration for ergonomics can cause RSI, back, neck and shoulder problems. Luckily, though there are some things you can do to make your use of mobile IT far more comfortable.

  • Laptops

Where possible, it is advised that you use a laptop on a desk or other flat surface where you can be seated correctly. Laptop supports or laptop trays are also another option, and allow you to use your laptop from an armchair or similar relaxed seated position. It’s advised that you make sure there’s adequate support for your arms while using laptops, and that your arms and hands are as close to the neutral position as possible when typing.
It is not advisable to use a laptop directly on your lap or in any other way that can block the air vents, such as on a cushion. Doing so can lead to heat injury to you or damage to the laptop from overheating.

  • Tablets and Smartphones

Useful for working, browsing, emailing, and for many other tasks while away from the desk, tablets and smartphones have seen massive success and increasing sales in recent years. Stands for tablets are available, but as with other portable devices, the general advice is to take regular breaks, stop if there is any pain, and to use them at a comfortable angle to your body, for example as you would hold a book. If you need to use them for extended periods, find a sitting position that is comfortable for your whole body, and does not cause stress to any joints, muscles, bones or tendons.
There are support cushions made from memory foam, and other devices that are designed to provide a comfortable reading position that may be helpful when using tablets and smartphones.

One last piece of advice from those with experience – never hold a phone to your ear using your shoulder! Doing so can cause serious neck pain.

We hope that our foray into the world of ergonomics has been enlightening for you. We think you’ll agree that some of the statistics are astonishing, especially when it comes to lost work hour and lost productivity! If you need any further advice, feel free to contact us and we’ll see what we can do to help, or put you in contact with a specialist advisor.


At Geek Guru, we like to make our clients’ lives as pain-free as possible – At least when it comes to IT! If another computer headache is the last thing you need, get in touch with us.

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