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Windows 11 – Graphics, Display and Gaming Improvements
Graphics performance, while going unnoticed by many everyday users, is a key part of any operating system. Better graphics performance translates overall to a smoother, richer experience for working, gaming and multimedia.


While gaming isn’t something that appeals to all people, there are a huge amount of people for whom these improvements will have an impact. The changes made also have a knock-on effect for other areas, such as creative applications like video editing, graphic design and 3D design applications.



AutoHDR and Display Adjustment

Microsoft have introduced some tools like AutoHDR to help users calibrate higher-end displays, and this could be very useful for those who have monitors capable of using HDR (High Dynamic Range) – allowing them to fine tune their experience. A recent Windows update also includes the ability for windows to check what your display is capable of, and make adjustments accordingly.

As well as coming in handy for people who enjoy gaming or have creative jobs and pursuits, these features have the potential to be very useful for anyone who uses a pc setup for home entertainment, as they can give you better-tuned visuals and greater control.

These features will also mean that Windows can provide better colour accuracy between different monitors, which can be incredibly important for those in creative industries.


Gaming Mode

Gaming mode is a feature in Windows 11 that allows you to divert more system resources to running games, and therefore potentially achiever better performance. This feature limits background usage of other applications – which many avid gamers will know can make quite the difference when system resources are at a premium. There is also the potential for non-gamers to use this feature for other processor-intensive tasks like 3d modelling or video editing.

Many people than before are also using a multi-monitor setup, which means that they are often running games in full screen windowed or standard windowed mode – which can unfortunately lead to performance issues. Microsoft is addressing this, creating a better way for Windows to handle these types of applications, meaning that there is less of a performance loss.


Dynamic Refresh Rate

Microsoft is also expanding the support for dynamic refresh rate to more devices, which adjusts the refresh rate of your monitor to better suit the content on screen. Designed for users with monitors of 120hz refresh rate and above, this can provide a smoother experience for things like writing (and is already available on some tablets/laptops like the Surface Pro 8), but could potentially be useful for other apps. They recently also released details of how they plan to extend this feature to other Microsoft apps, such as Office and Edge.


We think you’ll agree, even if you’re not a gamer or creative, that there is still potential for these kinds of changes to be useful for any and all users – performance boosts and tweaks are always welcome!



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