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Windows 8 – Keyboard Shortcuts


Many people know there’s a few standard keyboard shortcuts for most applications out there. Ctrl+Z is Undo, Ctrl+C is Copy, Ctrl+V is Paste, Ctrl+P is Print, and so on. These are not a new invention, and have been around since Windows 95, and some since Windows 3.1. But did you know those kinds of shortcuts also exist inside Windows itself and not just in software like Word and Outlook?

With Windows 8, Microsoft added in some new functionality to the Windows key on the keyboard. Now you can use it in combination with letters or numbers in order to speed up regular tasks.

Here’s a few shortcuts added in Windows 8 we think are most useful:

(The “Charm” system is the term Microsoft uses for its inbuilt menus for Windows 8, that slide in from the sides of the screen and give you access to settings and controls.)

  • Windows + C – Brings up the basic Charms menu, as you would get if you moved your mouse to the top right corner of the screen.
  • Windows + I – This brings up the Charm for Settings to save you going through the Start Screen.
  • Windows + D – Shows the desktop. Pressing it again takes you back to whatever you were doing before.
  • Windows + X – Brings up an advanced menu, providing quick access to things like Task Manager and Control Panel.
  • Windows + Start typing – This will search for apps installed on your computer that match your input. The results will appear on the left. Quick way to find a program without searching through menus, if you know its name. This isn’t actually new to Windows 8 either!
  • Windows + R – Brings up the Run dialog.
  • Windows + P – User-friendly display controls for multiple monitors.
  • Windows + F – Search your Files.
  • Windows + Q – Brings up the Apps screen.
  • Windows + 1-0 – Shortcut to open whatever apps you have pinned to the taskbar. For example, if Internet Explorer is the first pinned app on your taskbar, Windows + 1 will open it.


That’s just a small amount of the available shortcuts, but they’re the new ones we find ourselves using the most.  Why use these instead of just using the mouse? Well, while they often take a while to get used to, once you do, you’ll find yourself using them without even noticing, and they make tasks faster.

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