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Testimonial – Three Peaks School

Over the past few weeks, your support has been invaluable and we could not ask for better partners to work with on our ICT provision. Every member of staff has found our network system invaluable and I feel that as a school we are now in a position to use IT to manage and provide a quality education at Three Peaks. The systems you have established for us means that we now have a reliable infrastructure which has given staff the opportunity to expand their use of IT and has definitely made their working lives more manageable.

Most importantly, the main benefactors of your support has been the children of Three Peaks. They now have a reliable curriculum network which is used in nearly every single lesson, including several PE lessons! I can honestly say that the systems that have been established have had an impact on learning and behaviour and without the reliability you and have both brought to the school, I am sure that we would not have been able to bring about the improvements in standards that we have achieved.

Your support has been fantastic and I know that without your help we would have gone grey and probably insane! I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your patience. We look forward to continuing to work with you.

Richard Penn-Bourton – Three Peaks School

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