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Geek Guru – Our Customer Service Values

Posted on August 16th, 2013 by Emily


We’re taking a day out of our regular blog routine just to put a point on something we see as being vitally important to our success.


All of us have had some awful experiences with poor IT support or customer service. We want to make this a thing of the past.

One of the main focuses for us is to make sure that our clients are completely happy with the options we provide them. Other IT support companies have been known to confuse their clients with jargon, or talk them into purchasing equipment they don’t really need.

At Geek Guru, we make a point never to do either of these things. We’ll always explain everything you need clearly, without jargon, and if you’re ever wondering what a piece of equipment is for or why you need it, all you need to do is ask us and we’ll gladly explain.

When it comes to ordering equipment, we’ll never quote you for or sell you anything you don’t need, and if you’ve got a budget, we’ll try our very best to stay within it. For some companies this would mean compromising on quality, but at Geek Guru, we do all the shopping around for you to get you the best deals for your hardware, while maintaining consistent quality standards.

If a piece of your vital tech should fail, we’ll do all we can to fix it as soon as possible – if that’s not possible, we’ll talk to you about how to replace it, and we’ll still keep your budget in mind.

Another reason to choose Geek Guru is that we’re not just just trained in our tech – we love talking tech too! If you want advice on purchasing a new device (laptop, smartphone, server or anything else,) we’ll gladly help you find the device that will suit you the best and provide you the best features for your budget. We keep ourselves up to date on new developments so that we can provide information to our clients on even the most cutting-edge technology.

If you’d like to know more about what choosing or switching to Geek Guru support could do for your business, get in contact with us! (Details below).


Our aim is to be your trusted IT buddy. Anything you want to know, give us a call, drop us an email, come and see us on Facebook, or pop on over to our Twitter account!

0845 234 0580 –

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3CX Phone Systems

Service Spotlight – 3CX Telephone Systems

Posted on July 01st, 2013 by Emily


Did you know that as well as providing friendly, tailored IT support, Geek Guru can also install and support your phone system? If you’re looking to upgrade or are interested in making some savings, read on!


3CX Telephone Systems are amazingly flexible. They can be connected to both a normal telephone line and also to their own VoIP system, which allows you to make calls using your broadband internet connection providing cheaper telephone calls for your business, even internationally.

They’re highly configurable and suit anything from a small 2-3 user office to a call centre with a large amount of employees. You can choose from a wide range of cost-effective hardware and handsets, and what’s more, there’s no need to find your VoIP provider, we can set it all up for you. You can even connect smartphones to the system using 3CX’s software, and make calls over your data connection.

We provide free upfront consultation on 3CX Systems, and we’ll design, install, and support your system as part of our service. We’re also certified 3CX Partners, so you can you can rest easy knowing everything will be done to their standards!


 If you’d like more information, you can check out our Telephone Systems Page, give us a call on 0845 234 0580 or send us an email at


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