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Geek Guru Software Support

Posted on September 30th, 2013 by Emily


If you’re interested in a new software package or suite, or are looking for some software to suit a specific task and don’t really know where to begin, we’re here to help!


With our recent posts on Office 2013 and Office 365, we hope we’ve been able to provide some useful information on how to choose the best package for you,

At Geek Guru we pride ourselves on our friendly customer service. Anything that you’d like to know about any IT related subject, we’re here to help – including advice about software for different purposes.

Sometimes you may feel like it would be good if you had some software that could automate tasks, software that’s more suitable for your business or just something that can help you be more productive – in any such case, feel free to get in contact with us and we’ll do some looking around for you, and endeavour to find the most suitable software for your needs.

As part of our support packages, we can also help you to purchase and install your software if necessary. This means you’ll have nothing to worry about as we’ll do it all for you, and make sure it’s all set up and working correctly. If you purchase your software through us, we’ll make sure you have the correct amount or type of licenses required for your company or organisation, so you don’t waste some of your budget by purchasing more than you may need.

If you’ve recently purchased some software and need some advice about its functions, general usage, or how to get it to perform specific tasks, we may also be able to help. From assisting you ourselves with our wide range of experience and knowledge, to finding free online resources or paid training courses for you and your team, just let us know and we’ll do what we can to help out.


If you’d like any further information on any kind of software, hardware or anything else IT-related at all, get in touch with us, the Geek Gurus are always on hand and happy to help!

Call us on 0845 234 0580 or email us at

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IT Tips - Avoiding Overheating Issues

Posted on July 17th, 2013 by Emily


At the moment we seem to be going through something of a heatwave, and while there’s many different opinions about how great or awful it is for us, excess heat always spells trouble for IT equipment.


The symptoms of overheating IT are many, and sometimes confused with other problems. It can happen if there’s poor ventilation around the unit, or if the vents become clogged, or even if a device is left in direct sunlight.

Even one of our engineers had problems recently when his iPhone popped up an error message telling him he could not operate the unit until it’d cooled down. Needless to say, he switched it off and put it in a cool place and it was soon working again, but in a world where technology is ever decreasing in size, heat becomes more of a problem. It’s also something that very few people will consider when they’re experiencing problems with IT. Overheating can cause machines to slow to a crawl, cause problems with monitors, or even cause equipment to break completely or temporarily stop functioning. Most IT equipment available has inbuilt safety mechanisms to turn off the device or machine if it becomes too hot, and will most often not turn on again until it reaches a safe temperature or until a certain amount of time has passed.

If you want to prevent your IT equipment from being damaged by heat, here’s a few important things to remember:

  •  Leave space around any IT equipment. This allows air to circulate more freely.
  • Clean off any dust or dirt that accumulates around the outside. This is best done with a dry cloth, or with specially designed computer-friendly wipes. DO NOT blow directly into the equipment, or do anything to allow moisture to enter the unit.
  • Keep IT equipment out of direct sunlight. This is especially important for smartphones, tablets and laptops.
  • Have your equipment serviced regularly. Just like other machinery, it gathers dust and dirt and needs to be cleaned to function correctly.
  • Don’t put IT in an area where there’s lots of dust or debris generated. Special equipment is required for working under these conditions.
  • Don’t put IT equipment near to heat sources (eg. heaters or radiators).
  • Don’t block any ventilation holes on your devices or equipment.
  • Get a special server cabinet for your servers. These also help to keep things organised, secure and reduce noise levels.
  • Ensure equipment is turned off when it is not needed.
  • Use any provided software tools to monitor temperatures.


If you suspect a device is overheating, the best thing to do (unless it’s a server!) is to turn it off and leave it to cool down. If you’re in any doubt, get in contact with an IT professional.


Geek Guru provide all-round IT advice and support. If you’re worried about heat problems, have questions or need anything else IT – related, be sure to get in contact with us and we’ll do what we can to help you. Our support is second to none!

Call us on 0845 234 0580 or email us at and one of our engineers will be happy to help.



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Updating Your IT – Part 1 – Compatibility & Support

Posted on July 08th, 2013 by Emily

This week’s topic of choice is something that’s actually more important than it may seem – keeping your IT equipment up to date. We’ll look at three key areas, and explain why you should keep your IT up to date, and how it can affect your business if you don’t.

We’ve all been there, and seen how slow, old or poorly performing IT can make things take far, far longer than they’re supposed to. Having to keep customers on the line longer than necessary because your system is running at a crawl, or not being able to access information or use a device that you need to because it’s not compatible with your hardware.

Just as an example of things in the technology world moving on, Microsoft will officially drop extended support for Windows XP on 8th April, 2014. This means there will be no more security patches, no more bug fixes, no more updates for XP users after this date. Specific manufacturers may continue to release updates for their software on the Windows XP platform, but there will be no more updates from Microsoft for Windows XP itself. Support and updates for Office 2003 will also cease on April 8th 2014. Windows XP was the biggest advance in operating systems since the jump from Windows 3.1 to Windows 95, but it’s now very outdated and there have been many improvements and advances made. Even on older hardware, Windows 7 or 8 may run better, but if your hardware is too old to support those, it’s almost definitely time to upgrade.

What’s the point of upgrading then? Well, that’s what we’re here to help you understand. From a support point of view, there have been many improvements made to operating systems which help us to help you, particularly remotely. Improved diagnostic tools also help greatly when problems do arise.

Operating systems, software and hardware built in more recent years are made to take advantage of things such as broadband internet and enhanced networking. USB 3.0 is also a good example of this. It’s much faster than USB 2.0, which is a plus when you are, for example, transferring large amounts of data to or from an external drive – but obviously, it doesn’t run at full speed on a USB 2.0 port, although most devices will still function due to included backwards compatibility. A lot of device manufacturers are also dropping support in their drivers for older hardware and operating systems, which means when you buy an item, it may not be fully supported, or may not work at all if your system is ageing.

Sometimes our customers have software or hardware that’s designed for older systems that they need to keep. That’s usually not a problem – Windows has many features we can use to make it backwards compatible, to make your software or hardware usable even if it was designed for an older machine.


If you’re worried or have any questions, or would like to get a quote for upgrading your systems, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us!

Give us a call on 0845 234 0580 or email us at and one of our team will be happy to help.


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