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Stress Awareness Month – Can Technology Help?


April is Stress Awareness Month

We’re encouraged to take a look at stress and mental health issues and how they can potentially affect all of us, regardless of age, race, or status – especially in the workplace.


Often when technology and stress are discussed, it’s assumed that the technology involved is the cause of the stress rather than something that can help. But, in reality, there are a lot of ways technology can actually help if used correctly.



Slow Systems?

Frustration caused by slow and outdated IT systems can be a major source of stress. Productivity can take a serious hit when someone is waiting what seems like forever for their computer to load a piece of software or perform a task – potentially leading to delays, stress and worry. The best way to avoid this happening is to make sure that your systems are regularly checked and updated when necessary. Using technology as part of your everyday routine needn’t be a source of endless frustration.

If we don’t already provide your IT support, you can schedule a chat with us and see what we could do to help make your IT work better for you.


Use your Tech to Manage Stress

Apps like Calm and Headspace that we went into detail on in previous blogs can be a source of calm and relaxation, turning your devices into a sanctuary rather than solely a source of stress. Guided meditation techniques and calming mindfulness sessions, soothing sounds and workouts to target specific emotional needs are just some of the features these kinds of apps can provide, and they’re also often available for employers to offer their employees as a workplace benefit. It’s a well-known fact that deep relaxation leaves people feeling energized, and productivity can drastically improve as a result.


Staying Connected

Another function of technology that has been appreciated more following the restrictions of the pandemic is its ability to help us stay connected to people. Whether friends, family, or colleagues, voice and video chat can help to relieve stress by providing a human connection. Even keeping in contact via message or email shouldn’t be underestimated – some people have also even said that they find it easier to use text to talk about stress and mental health issues as it helps them to arrange their thoughts more easily and articulate more clearly.



Entertainment can be a huge source of stress relief. Streaming content like movies, series and music is more popular than ever, and it’s been proven time and again that music not only helps people to relax, but can actually help some people to focus better on their work.


Most importantly, if you feel stress is becoming too much for you to handle, speak to someone you trust; a colleague, friend, family member, or doctor may be able to suggest something to help.


Need help with hardware or software to keep your team focused and productive while working? We can help! Give us a call on 0121 312 1500 or email us at info@geek-guru.co.uk.
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