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Productivity Suites – G Suite

G Suite is Google’s solution for business productivity, and can be a very good alternative to Office, especially for small business or those who have already bought into the Google ecosystem – for instance, those with a Chromebook or a mobile device running Android. However, even if you have an iPhone or iPad, and a PC running Windows, you can still make use of G Suite’s best features.


What’s on offer?

Of course, the package includes the typical applications; Docs, Sheets and Slides are the standard word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation apps you’d expect. There are also Forms and Sites apps, and an app development platform that some businesses may find useful.

There are downloadable apps for iOS, iPadOS, and Android, and a downloadable Drive for G Suite app for Windows – Although Windows users will have to use the web app versions of their main software, as Google don’t offer downloadable versions of their apps for PC. Not having to install software however can be very useful, especially for those on notebooks or low-end PCs where storage space and processing power may be lower.

As their service is centred around connectivity and collaboration, it is only available as a subscription service, but there are several tiers to choose from, from New and Small business right up to full Enterprise packages. There’s no need to pay for features you won’t be using. Of course, being built on Google’s infrastructure, the connectivity of the apps is generally quick and seamless (when local connectivity allows, of course.)

A strong set of admin controls is the finishing point of G Suite, with security options such as two-factor authentication to keep your business’ files safe, and the ability to add, remove or otherwise group and manage users from one interface, or migrate data from any existing platforms that may be in place.


Key Features:

  • Connect and collaborate in real time with colleagues,
  • Includes the standard apps for word processing, spreadsheets and presentations, as well and forms and sites.
  • Built on Google’s infrastructure,
  • Use familiar apps like Gmail, specially enhanced for business users,
  • Includes an app development option for internal apps,
  • Shared and individual calendar options,
  • Group chat, conferencing, and video calling software included,
  • Enhanced security options such as two-factor authentication available,
  • Powerful administrative tools,
  • Additional Google Drive space included in the cost.


If you’re interested in a set of connected, collaborative tools that work seamlessly across a raft of devices, or perhaps interested in developing apps for internal use to help automate or streamline some of your business’ functions, G Suite could be a good contender.


If you’d like more information or advice on business software for your organisation, get in touch with us on 0121 227 0439 or email us at info@geek-guru.co.uk
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