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Productivity Suites – Corel WordPerfect Office X9


Another week, another productivity suite! This time it’s Corel’s WordPerfect Office X9 (which is a bit of a mouthful if we’re honest). Corel, the developers behind CorelDRAW, Painter and PaintShop Pro also have an office suite, and this one is actually an old contender; it began as Novell WordPerfect and was developed by Corel into an office suite that would compete with Microsoft Office’s predecessor, Microsoft Works.


Brief history lesson over – what can it do now?

Well, WordPerfect Office offers three software packages. WordPerfect, Quattro Pro and Presentations, which are the three main components of each suite – word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation software.

The main selling point for this suite is its titular WordPerfect word processing software. It handles large documents easily and stays stable, meaning that it is very useful for anyone handling very large documents, such as publishers, writers, or those in the legal profession. It gives the user far more granular control over formatting and design than Word does, making less decisions on behalf of the user – which can actually be an advantage if you’re very particular about your document layout.

Unlike Word, WordPerfect can also save as a PDF document that incorporates fillable form fields – making it useful for anyone who works with those on a regular basis, especially if they don’t have access to a full version of Adobe Acrobat.


Here are some of its best features:

  • Granular control over document layout,
  • Fine tune and adjust values to your exact needs,
  • Efficient and stable for handling large documents,
  • Can create fully-featured PDF forms,
  • No (sometimes unnecessary) extras,
  • Traditional menu system,
  • Compatible with Microsoft Office document formats.


Features, volume licensing and availability

It is only available as a standard one-time purchase, with no subscription option available. If you want to license it for a large number of computers, you can also request an individual quote from Corel. There are no additional services included in the cost; no cloud services, app development options or extra features that you might see from Google or Microsoft. This makes it a simple choice for some users – they just want software that does the job. Its interface is also a lot less complex than the current Office – you can achieve you desired results by browsing through and selecting options from a branched menu system, rather than the endless tabs, ribbons, icons and buttons of Office 2019. Anyone who was at home using Office 2000, for example, will find things are still similar here. Make no mistake though, it has plenty of useful features, and is still in active development rather than just old software, meaning that bugs are still being fixed and features added.

Quattro Pro and Presentations are really just simple spreadsheet and presentation software, but again, they get the job done.

Corel’s main focus with their suite is definitely on the level of control over your documents, and the stability of their software.


If you’d like more information or advice on business software for your organisation, get in touch with us on 0121 227 0439 or email us at info@geek-guru.co.uk
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