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Productivity Apps – Trello – Part 3

Trello is a lightweight cloud-based “Kanban board”-style project management and collaboration tool. In essence, it’s a digital noticeboard for you and your team (or even just for you) to keep track of things. Further to last week’s blog instalment, this time we’ll be looking at Templates, Power-Ups and App Integration.



Board Templates

Trello has a large community of users, some of whom are willing to share their ideas and creations, and provide templates which other users can use to create their own boards from. If you’re stuck for ideas on how to start your own board, how to lay out items on it, or what kinds of things you can do with Trello. They’re categorised simply, by type or use; they’re available for both personal and professional users of Trello. Education, Design, Marketing, Engineering and many more categories of templates can be found in their Template Gallery. You can even use one of them and customise it to suit your needs, using the pre-designed board as a base and building on it with your own ideas. It’s a good way of seeing some of the things that Trello can be used for, or new ways to track tasks or visualise and streamline your workflow.


Power-ups and Integration

Power-ups are Trello’s way of adding features and enhanced functionality to your boards. These include things like access to Google Drive, tracking shipments, viewing support tickets with ZenDesk and sharing your email templates with MailChimp. All of these things can be accomplished with Trello, which connects directly with the other services. There’s even a custom field power-up, which means that you can add whatever kind of field you’d like to any Trello card, and then set it to display on specific types of card and not on others. Trello, as one might expect, is also built to integrate with Atlassian’s other services, Jira and Confluence. You can even add your Slack channels and groups to boards; or alternatively, you can integrate your Trello board into Microsoft Teams. There are also power-ups that can automate certain tasks for you, which work via a feature called Butler.

There are so many available power-ups and integrations that we can’t list them all here, but if you’re interested, you can take a look or search to see if Trello integrates with your favourite software by clicking here.

Free users are limited to a single power-up per board, Gold users 3 per board, and unlimited amounts for Business Class or Enterprise users.


Next time we’ll be taking a look at how Trello tries to keep things interesting, and some additions they’ve made to try and make things fun and visually appealing, as well as a look at their iOS and Android apps.



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