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Productivity Apps – Trello – Part 2



Trello is a lightweight cloud-based “Kanban board”-style project management and collaboration tool. In essence, it’s a digital noticeboard for you and your team (or even just for you) to keep track of things. Further to last week’s blog instalment, this time we’ll take a closer look at Trello’s pricing structure and some of its admin and security features.



Pricing Structure & Free Features

One of the reasons Trello is such a popular productivity tool is because of its rather generous free tier – which is not just a trial like some other companies offer, but full access to their service, for free. Of course, the free version has some limitations and lacks some of the features of the paid plans, as you’d expect, but many of its basic features are free for everyone to use without a time limit; especially useful for individuals or small businesses, or for those wanting to try out the service before committing to a monthly payment plan.

Trello has four service tiers (prices listed in USD):

  • Trello Free – As the name suggests, their free tier, including basic access to their service and mobile apps. Ideal for individuals or those looking to try out the service. – $0/mo.
  • Trello Gold – As free, with a few added features, some limits removed. Advanced features for individuals. – $5/mo.
  • Trello Business Class – As Gold, with even more added business-centric features and app integrations. Ideal for small businesses. – $12.50/user/mo (Or $9.99/user/mo paid annually.)
  • Trello Enterprise – As business class, with advanced security and admin features, and advanced automation. Ideal for larger businesses and large teams. – $20.83/user/mo, decreasing as team size increases.


Security and Admin Features

As an individual user, security is still a concern, and with both Free and Gold tiers, you can add two-factor authentication to enhance the security of your account. 2FA methods supported include a variety of authenticator apps like Google Authenticator, LastPass Authenticator (which we mentioned previously), plus some hardware 2FA options like YubiKey, or SMS authentication.

For users of the Business Class package, the advanced options include 2FA as standard, but also other features such as a centralised Admin Dashboard where team leaders and administrators can set permissions for team members and other users as necessary, the ability to export all of the team’s data in JSON or CSV format, the ability to restrict invites to your domain, and Google Apps Sign-on integration to make adding other users easier.

Trello Enterprise also includes additional features on top of these, such as integration with Single Sign On (SSO) identity services like Azure, Okta and G Suite, and allowing administrators even more control over how things like board power ups and attachments are used.


Next week, we’ll be looking at some more of Trello’s features, like Board Power-ups and App Integration.


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