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Office 365 Becomes Microsoft 365 – Part One
Remote working has been a true lifeline for some businesses during the COVID-19 lockdown. Microsoft’s rollout of some new and interesting features has come at a time where they are both welcome and useful.


From April 21st 2020, Office 265 became Microsoft 365 – To better reflect that the service now isn’t just an office package, but an entire cloud-based software ecosystem that can be used for daily life; for personal, home, social and business use.



New Name, New Features

While the price of each tier of their service has remained the same (for now), Microsoft have unveiled some brand-new AI- and cloud-powered features for their most popular software. Some of these are quite powerful and are intended for use by both business/enterprise and personal/home users. These features will be rolling out gradually over the coming months. The package still contains the standard Office suite at its core, but it is now enhanced by further additions.


Microsoft Editor

Microsoft Editor is one such enhancement. It’s a writing tool, which can be used in-app in Word, on outlook.com, or across the web as a whole, using a browser extension in Microsoft Edge and Chrome. Free users get access to basic spelling and grammar tools, whereas paid users will get access to an enhanced suite of tools that offer insights for clarity and style. From rewrite suggestions and an AI-powered plagiarism preventing similarity-checker (including tools for adding relevant citations where necessary), to style, formality and inclusivity checking, including the ability to help people avoid unintentional bias; these new AI-powered features are sure to be of great use to many people.


Presenter Coach

PowerPoint’s new AI-powered coach is designed to help people who struggle with public speaking and giving presentations – which almost all of us have at some point or other. By rehearing your presentations with it, it can help you in real time to change your tone, pace, pitch, phrasing and clarity, helping to ensure your presentation gets the right kind of attention, and with as few issues as possible.


Enhanced Creativity

In partnership with Getty Images, Microsoft is adding new fonts, stock images and videos that M365 subscribers can access for no additional charge, allowing those who enjoy design a little more creative freedom on their projects. A brand-new expanded library of premium document templates is available to subscribers also, with templates available for Word, Excel and PowerPoint for virtually any purpose.


In our next post we’ll continue exploring some of the added features in Microsoft 365, such as the additions to Excel, Outlook and Skype.


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