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Microsoft Teams – Part Three
As we all begin to adjust to the “new normal” that’s appearing following the COVID-19 pandemic, and as the UK begins to ease itself out of lockdown, we’re covering a few more of the features of Microsoft’s communication and collaboration software, Microsoft Teams, which has shown itself to be a very useful tool for those in a Microsoft software ecosystem during the lockdown, and will continue to be for those who work from home or work remotely in the future.


This time we’re taking a look at some of the app integrations and features offered within Microsoft Teams, such as the Wiki, plus Trello and YouTube integrations, and external sharing with other team collaboration platforms such as Slack and Cisco Webex.




Living in a Microsoft Ecosystem

A huge selling point of Microsoft Teams for a lot of its users is how smoothly it integrates with the rest of Microsoft’s Office platform and apps. It integrates directly with the core apps such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint, making your workflow smoother and more efficient using methods such as easier collaborative working, shortcuts, and context menu integrations. It also integrates with other Microsoft packages like Dynamics, Microsoft’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) suite.

A Files tab can be added to provide direct access to chosen files within the Teams app, and this can be linked with SharePoint and OneDrive; the free version of Teams also comes with 10GB of free storage space for the team to use.

A Wiki tab is also available to enable team members to make notes, track and discuss things in a more structured and organised way than a regular chat; it works more like a noticeboard or discussion forum. You can also discuss a particular wiki entry by starting a conversation linked to it.


Not Using Microsoft Software? No Problem.

You can also connect Teams with other third-party services if you wish; these are wide-ranging and include connections to cloud storage providers like Dropbox and Google Drive, or external apps like Adobe’s Creative Cloud suite, Trello or Youtube. Other collaboration services have developed add-ins for Teams, so if another team is using Cisco Webex or Slack, it’s easy to work with them too.

There are also a multitude of integrations with other useful tools such as mind-mapping and flowchart tools, along with whiteboard-style and mark-up tools for those who think more visually.


Next week we’ll be looking at the Video and Voice Chat functions of Teams, as well as its integration with other video conferencing services such as Zoom.


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