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Windows 8 – Change for the Better?

In our second blog about Windows 8, we discover visuals aren’t everything in Microsoft’s new incarnation of the operating system.

Underneath the new blocky design sit a multitude of changes, such as the integration of a new Windows App Store – with apps available to download as you would through the Apple Store on an iPhone or Mac, or via Google Play on an Android device. Microsoft have ventured into this way of providing apps to users before, through the Zune software, but this is the first time it has incorporated this functionality directly into its operating system. This means that they now have a way to distribute apps across a number of different types of devices – Windows Phone 8, their new operating system for mobile devices, also has the same Windows App Store which supports many of the same applications, meaning you can take your apps and your work with you wherever you go. It runs all its native Windows Store apps within the Metro-style UI, but It’s also backwards compatible, (as most versions of Windows have been,) so if you have apps that weren’t built specifically for Windows 8, they’ll still run in regular desktop mode just like they would in Windows 7, Vista or XP.

Some people are understandably frustrated by the loss of the start button, as it’s been replaced with the start screen, and the way that Windows 8 will frequently take you back to the start screen even if you’re using Desktop mode (for example, if you click some settings). As yet, we’re undecided if we like this change or not, (along with many others,) but as with all new versions of software, some things will take time to adapt to. A lot of functionalities and methods within Windows have been changed, and as such it will take time for business and home users to adjust, and time for various tech support companies to provide full support for this new system.  We’re seeing customisations pop up already – for example if you’re a die-hard Start Button fanatic, there are various ways to get the start button back, such as the “Start8” Theme for Stardock. We believe we’ll we see even more ways to customise Windows 8’s look and feel popping up with and following the official release, on 26th October.

As always, Geek-Guru are striving to be on-the-ball and can provide you with any assistance you need for Windows 8, as well as advise on any training that may be needed to help yourself or your employees understand the new workings of Windows 8. We’ll also  explain the pros and cons of upgrading, if that is something you’re considering for the near future.

Next time, we’ll explore the forward-thinking nature of Windows 8, its pros and cons, and how Microsoft have tried to tailor it for an increasingly connected world.

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