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Windows 8.1 Update


Windows 8’s first major update is on the horizon, so we thought we’d take a few moments just to tell you about what’s changing, for home users and businesses.

There’s quite a lot of changes in the background, including a better music app, changes to other apps and the Windows Store, a new, more integrated SkyDrive app, and the inclusion of the newest version of Internet Explorer, but here’s some of the changes that we find interesting:

  • Boot directly to Desktop.

Don’t like seeing the Start Screen when you log in? No problem. 8.1 gives the option for you to boot directly to your desktop without seeing the Start Screen first.

  • Enhanced Settings.

You can now get to your full PC settings from the Start Screen instead of having to go through the control panel to get there, making it easier to access.

  • Return of the Start Button.

You asked for it, they provided – the familiar Start Button is back. It doesn’t act quite the same as it used to, but for many it is a welcome change. Left-clicking takes you to the Start Screen, whereas right-clicking brings up an advanced menu that power users will be more comfortable with.

  • Start Screen Personalisation.

Put your photos on your Start Screen (or even your company logo!). Set your Start Screen background to the same as your desktop wallpaper, or use one of Microsoft’s new animated backgrounds. There’s also a larger choice of colours.

  • Start Screen Apps.

If you don’t like the tiles, do away with them altogether, and just have your Start Screen show you the apps menu when you press the Start Button or Windows key. Installing apps no longer makes their tiles automatically appear on your Start Screen. You can also select and uninstall multiple apps in a single motion.


We think you’ll agree, most of the changes in 8.1 will be for the better. They provide familiarity with the Start Button making a reappearance, many enhancements and improvements, and still retain Windows 8’s touch-friendly, streamlined feel.


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