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Weekly Roundup 8th July 2011 – Hackers Abound

Password StealingIf there is one thing that has typified the last few weeks it has been hacking. With Anonymous and Lulzsec causing problems for big corporations and a phone hacking scandal taking down Britain’s biggest newspaper – maybe now is the time for every business owner to take a look at their own security.

When it comes down to it – security for SMEs is all about value for money. It’s about making life as hard as possible for any would be hacker without spending a fortune and it’s about keeping management and maintenance of that security simple and unconfused. The average SME does not have an MI5 security budget but let’s face it – they don’t need to have.

The majority of SMEs we see are continuing to make simple mistakes. Why bother locking your servers away in an air conditioned server safe if those same servers are publicly accessible from the Internet without a basic firewall. Equally, why bother with complex perimeter security devices if the CEO of the company still uses ‘password’ as his VPN password. Security is first and foremost about getting the basics right and in many cases those basics are free. It doesn’t cost money to enforce and stick to a complex password policy. It doesn’t cost money to correctly lock down the firewall that’s already sitting there routing your ADSL connection.

The vast majority of breaches are because of simple lapses in basic security. Get the basics right and you’re already doing more that the majority of your peers which makes you a comparatively harder target. Chances are you’re not going to be hacked by Anonymous. You’ll be hacked by an opportunist kid that’s downloaded a few hacking scripts off the Internet.

Don’t give hackers an easy ride!

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