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Weekly Roundup 12th August 2011 – Riots & Looting

Riots and lootingThe UK looked on in horror this week as rioting, looting and mindless vandalism took over the streets. It seemingly came from nowhere and as the dust settles numerous businesses are left trying to pick up the pieces. A lot insurance companies don’t cover rioting but in the UK we have the 1886 riot damages act that the government are going to honour. This will provide financial recuperation to individuals and businesses affected by the riots but replacing and rebuilding the physical structure of a business is only half the battle.

As all this was going on we sat in the Geek-Guru offices and wondered how many of those businesses had an off-site backup. It’s easy to become complacent about backup, especially if you actually do perform an on-site backup. The majority of cases where a backup is required involve restoring a single file or email and in these cases any old backup will suffice. A company may operate for years without the need to ever perform a full server recovery and certainly not a recovery from an off-site backup store. How often does a company suffer a fire or server theft – probably not very often – but when it does happen the consequences are catastrophic. 80% of businesses will never recover from a complete loss of their business data!

These riots have been of particular interest. Businesses unexpectedly burnt to the ground, offices gutted through looting and computer systems rendered useless through nothing more than mindless destruction. You may be right in thinking that your security will keep your business safe at night from a couple of lone burglars but a mob of 30 hell bent on getting in by any means necessary? Your alarm may give the police 20 minutes to get to the office should an intruder try to gain access but what about when those police are not available or are focusing on containment of a riot?

You need an off-site backup! You need something that you can take home with you each night that contains all your valuable data or you need a replicated data store in some remote location. An on site backup is not enough and don’t fall in to the trap of believing that leaving your backup tapes in a drawer under the server is enough. A fire isn’t going to avoid the tapes because they’re your only backup and a rioter trying to cause as much destruction as possible is going to destroy those tapes also.

Think about backup now whilst backup is still an option!

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