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The Tablet Conundrum – Part 6


Whatever you’re planning to use your tablet for, it will need charging. This time in the blog we’ll be looking at the various charging options available.


If you’re up-to-date on tech news, you’ll probably already know that wireless charging (or rather, inductive charging) is a technology on the rise when it comes to smartphones, tablets and other gadgets. The idea is, you have a powered charging pad, and you simply place your devices on it to charge them. No cables required. This can be very useful if you have items in cases designed to make them resistant to dust or water, it means you don’t have to remove them in order to charge them. It also means that there isn’t any wear and tear on cables or ports, which can become an issue if the device is used a lot and needs to be charged very frequently.

Although this kind of technology is on the market and available at a reasonable price to consumers, it isn’t yet particularly mainstream, and you’ll find yourself having to shell out some extra for a special charging pad or other accessories if you want to really take advantage of this. Most tablets are supplied with your standard USB charging cable, although some manufacturers are now beginning to take advantage of the increased power available to USB 3 ports to enable you to charge your phone from your computer at a similar speed to what you’d expect from a mains charger, with the added advantage of increased data transfer rates to and from the device – Samsung’s Note 3 Phablet comes with a special USB 3 cable for these purposes. The one caveat is of course that to achieve USB 3 charging and transfer speeds, you need to connect the device to a USB 3 port, which isn’t available on all machines as yet – some older and lower end / cheaper machines are still stuck with USB 2.0 support only.

For those who charge their devices frequently from a computer and have access to USB 3.0 ports, though, this is a welcome change.

So, rather than being stuck with just one option, our options for getting “juice” into our devices is diversifying: faster USB 3.0 charging, wireless charging or standard charging through USB 2.0 or a mains USB charger – The more advanced options are going to cost more, but this is true of all new technology. Will it be worth the cost in its usefulness to you? Definitely something to consider when you’re choosing what to buy!


Next time we’ll be taking a closer look at battery life for tablets, including some of the features available to help you save battery power.


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