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The Tablet Conundrum – Part 2


This instalment of the Geek Guru blog looks at a few things that you should consider when purchasing a new tablet: budget and features.


One of the most important factors to a lot of people choosing a new tablet is how much it will cost. Not only the upfront cost but the costs of any accessories and subscriptions should also be taken into account, such as Netflix, Spotify or Dropbox if required.

There are really four price ranges to consider:


£50 – £170 – Entry-Level

Most entry level tablets will be Android-based tablets, suitable for casual use, browsing the web, checking email, listening to music and playing basic games. At this price range, the largest screen you’ll see is 7”. Some budget models have a camera on both sides, others have only a front-facing one. Battery life can vary greatly, there are some models with 3-4 hours constant use on a full charge, and others with 10+ hours. Expandable storage via a MicroSD slot is also included on some models.


£170-£370 – Mid-Range

Usually quite a bit faster than the budget models mid-range devices, will often perform better on complex tasks such as playing high definition videos, opening many applications at once, dealing with large data files and allowing more demanding 3D gaming. They vary in size from 7” all the way up to 10”.  Because tablet technology is evolving so quickly, a lot of tablets that were high-end a few months ago may fit into the mid-range category now. In this price range there’s likely to be a decent quality camera on both sides of the device, and things like design, weight, screen type and battery life are often more heavily considered by manufacturers for their mid-range models. Both Android and iOS devices are found within this price range.


£370 – £550 – High End

For this price you’re likely to get some cutting edge technology, with all the bells and whistles you can imagine. Most tablets in this price bracket are from 8” to 10”+ and come with some nice features like super crisp screens, good quality cameras and ultra-thin body designs. If you’re looking for a tablet that you could actually use in place of a laptop, the chances are you’re going to be aiming for one of these. Some of them also come with keyboard docks to make them into a hybrid tablet-laptop.


£550+ – Specialist High-End

The chances are if you’re looking at a tablet in this range, you’re looking for the best of the best, or you’re looking at them for a specific task or feature. Most hybrid tablet-laptops come into this range, along with others with high end feature sets like pressure sensitivity for drawing and writing, super crisp and clear screens for viewing true HD photos and videos, or even waterproofing.


In our next article, we’ll look at screens and the different types and sizes on the market right now – and what they all have to offer.


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