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New product: Fireproof and waterproof storage

Here at Geek-Guru we have been eagerly awaiting this product for some months. As part of your layered backup strategy we often recommend using an onsite archive drive for medium term storage of system images. This provides a quick and effective way for us to restore data going back a number of weeks / months and as it’s always attached it is not subject to any form of human error. The problem with these forms of backup is that they usually take the form of a NAS device or external hard drive and these have no resilience to any serious disaster – i.e. A flood, fire or even a hard knock can destroy the drive and the data.

Now this should not be a problem as you have your offsite backup media – you have been taking your backup offsite right? However, even with offsite backup there’s no reason that you shouldn’t bulletproof every aspect of your backup system. In comes the ioSafe SoloPRO. A waterproof, fireproof and shock proof external drive that offers USB3.0 and eSATA connectivity in a compact and disaster proof shell.

Now, we’re not saying that this will replace your traditional rotated media or online backup system. You should always have some form of backup that you take offsite or some form of cloud based backup. However, this provides an excellent second tier backup that should be resilient to the majority of small to medium disaster scenarios. As these devices are very well priced we see no reason why you’d go for anything else for your archive drive.

Geek-Guru are now stocking the ioSafe range so get in touch if you’d like to discuss this or any other form of backup.

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