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Looking to standardise your business signatures?

Your signature is more than just a way to avoid typing ‘regards’ each time you send an email. It’s your way to reach out to prospective clients with each e-mail sent from your business. What does your signature say about your business? Perhaps you have a carefully crated message that is in keeping with your brand identity. Can you guarantee that everyone else in your organisation is using the same template or even using a signature at all? By leaving signatures up to individual users you lose control over this important marketing channel.

What is Exclaimer

Exclaimer lets you control signatures centrally. It lets you enforce a specific template, or multiple templates for different business units or departments. By using Exclaimer you avoid the pitfalls of letting users manage their own signatures. Inconstant messages, typos and ‘off brand’ messages become and thing of the past.

Have you ever wished that your signature was the same when you sent email from your mobile? Ever sent an e-mail from a different PC just to find your carefully crafted message disappeared? With Exclaimer your signature is added by the server on each and every email. That includes emails from your mobile, webmail, Outlook and even automated emailed such as invoices.

What can we do

Geek-Guru are Exclaimer partners. We offer our clients discounted rates on Exclaimer licenses. We can set up systems for both on-site and O365 Exchange servers and can help plan, design and implement templates to maximise your impact with every email.


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