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Geek-Guru – AccreditUK status

Smaller AccreditUK LogoGeek-Guru are proud to be one of the first IT companies to have been awarded the prestigious Accredit UK certification for ‘Solutions and Support’.

“Accredit UK is the most thorough quality standard for the ICT industry.  It is designed to prove a Supplier’s level of proficiency in their specialist field – giving confidence to Purchasers and opening new doors to Suppliers.”

Accredit UK certifications are only awarded to those companies that show a high level of customer satisfaction and competence in all areas of their business. Rather than just focusing on ICT itself the Accredit UK standard covers every aspect of commerce including solutions delivery, business management, business direction, customer relations and operations.

Geek-Guru have been accredited for “Hardware Installation and Support” which focuses on the planning (including virtualisation), sale, installation, support, maintenance and repair / renewal of computer hardware solutions and necessary systems software. This includes servers, storage Systems, the customer desktop environment including PCs, routers, hubs, Ethernet devices, switches, modems, cabling, printers and any other ancillary equipment, mobile devices, together with operating systems and other systems software.

By achieving this certification the Geek-Guru team hope to show potential clients what our current clients already know – that we are without doubt the team best suited to design and deliver their IT solutions and to support them going forward.

For more information on the Accredit UK standard please check out the Accredit UK website.

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