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LastPass for Teams – Part 1


It’s not just a password manager for individuals or families – LastPass offers several tiers of service geared toward business and enterprise users; LastPass for Teams is their service for small to medium business users.


Designed for teams of 50 people or less, LastPass for Teams is exactly what you might expect if you’ve read any of our previous blog entries covering LastPass’ features.

Struggling with Security?

Small and medium size businesses can often struggle to keep up with security; as IT engineers, it’s our job at Geek Guru to make sure we help you to keep your sensitive data secure – and a good place to start is with the passwords that are used to secure all of your data.


Wave goodbye to password post-its and spreadsheets.

Passwords to accounts and other details or potentially sensitive information are often stored in a very insecure way on business networks or offices, especially when they need to be used by more than one person – in a spreadsheet or word processor document, for example, or written on a scrap of paper or a post-it on someone’s desk. Some people deal with being unable to remember multiple passwords by using the same password across all of their logins – which is incredibly insecure, and makes things easy on potential hackers!

These methods do not only put your data at risk, they’re also frustrating; sometimes people can forget to update the document with a new username or password if they change it, meaning anyone who tries to log in using the old data can’t access what they need to –  costing your business time and money, and potentially causing stress and frustration to employees and colleagues alike.

Picture it: Spending half an hour trying to find whoever it was who changed the password, finding out they’re on annual leave, and eventually making the decision to reset the password, yet again – and potentially not updating other users as to what the new new password is… It causes a wholly unnecessary break in productivity.

With LastPass, each user has their own personal login, but can read from a securely-stored shared database of passwords, as set by the administrator. When someone makes a change to data that’s shared with multiple users within LastPass, it will automatically share the change with all other users who have access to the shared information – meaning everyone gets the updated credentials, and no one is left locked out.

Using LastPass also means everyone is given their own personal Vault with the same level of security as individual accounts – users no longer need to reuse the same password for several accounts in order to remember it, eliminating another potential security risk.


Next time on our blog, we’ll be going a bit further in explaining some of the other parts of LastPass for Teams, such as the Admin Control Panel.


If you’d like more information or advice on LastPass and its features and plans for teams or enterprise,  or for  general IT security advice, get in touch with us on 0121 227 0439 or email us at info@geek-guru.co.uk
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