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LastPass – Emergency Access
An important thing to consider in our increasingly connected world where we have accounts for everything is our “Digital Legacy” – what happens to our data and accounts should something happen to us?


Many people will have a phone contact for use in a crisis or emergency, but it can often be difficult for these emergency contacts to gain access to all of the relevant details to administer online accounts in the owner’s absence.

For Personal Premium, Family and LastPass Teams users, there’s a very important, and potentially very useful feature – Emergency Access.



How does it work?

You set an emergency contact – someone you trust to use your accounts in the event that you cannot – who has their own LastPass account. The trusted user must accept your invitation to become an emergency contact. Then, you choose a wait time – if your emergency contact requests access to your data, the wait time is the amount of time that must pass without a response from you before they are given access to your vault. You can respond and deny or revoke access to the person within this time frame.


Is it secure?

The same security applies to data accessed this way as to any other LastPass information. The reason that the emergency contact must have a LastPass account is that in the event of them requesting access to your data, your key will be sent to them, encrypted in a way only their own key can decrypt, allowing them access to your data without compromising their security, or yours.

For obvious reasons, we would only recommend offering this kind of access to someone you would trust with all of your accounts and personal information, including things like medical and financial details – your trusted contact will gain access to all of your vault information, including notes and any attached images or stored files.

Members of the same family account can add each other as trusted contacts if they choose to; business or team users can choose trusted colleagues to administer their accounts.


This particular LastPass feature is something we hope that few people will need, but a “digital will” is nonetheless a very important consideration in a world where we are managing much of our lives online.


You can review LastPass’ official blog on the topic (from 2016), by clicking here.


If you’d like more information or advice on LastPass and its features and plans for teams or enterprise,  or for  general IT security advice, get in touch with us on 0121 227 0439 or email us at info@geek-guru.co.uk
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