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Cyber Security Birmingham

No one process, policy or piece of technology can keep your organisation secure on it’s own. Effective cyber security comes from using a broad range of controls that work synergistically to reduce risk. In the industry we call this collection of controls a ‘stack’. The Geek-Guru team work hard to keep our clients secure and have invested in a range of tools and technologies to do just that. When you take out IT support from Geek-Guru you are benefiting from an enterprise class security stack.


Effective cyber security is not just technology (for example firewalls and anti-virus software). The first line of defence is always policy and training.


Of course technology does come in to the mix. Our clients benefit from a world class stack of technologies that operate 24/7 – provided free as part of your support contract.


No technology or process will protect you without regular monitoring and maintenance. Our tech stack is ‘fully managed’ meaning we monitor and maintain it around the clock.

Effective cyber security does not happen by accident – This is why we created CyberSet – Geek-Guru’s dedicated cyber-security team. Our mission to to engage, inform and protect organisations and businesses of all sizes. That’s why we created the CyberSet learning centre

Our learning centre is a resource that you’ll want to keep coming back to. From how-to guides to case studies, boilerplate policies to training videos. CyberSet is all about giving you the tools you need to keep your organisation secure – and it is completely FREE.



An Effective Security Stack


Asset Management

How can you secure what you don’t know you have? Asset management is critical to effective cyber security. This includes obvious items such as desktop and laptops but also less obvious items such a smartphones and network equipment (such as routers and switches).

Included in Geek-Guru support (24/7)

Our support packages include complete asset management. Track every device, across every site (including home workers). Run reports on device specification. Ensure compliance with various information governance standards like cyber essentials.

Event Monitoring

A lot of your IT equipment will be creating logs behind the scenes. Keeping an eye on these is critical to security. Your equipment may be shouting as loud as it can to warn you of something but if nobody is listening then action can’t be taken.

Included in Geek-Guru support (24/7)

Our support systems scan log files of critical assets (such as servers and workstations) around the clock. By checking logs in real-time our engineers can raise tickets if something unexpected occurs (for example drives filling up or security events indicating a potential attack).

Patching & Updating

Keeping IT equipment up to date is a fundamental part of cyber security. It forms a part of almost every cyber assurance program from Cyber-Essentials to NIST. It’s important to keep all devices up to date including network equipment that is easy to forget.


Included in Geek-Guru support (24/7)

Patching is handled automatically by our systems to ensure that all your servers, workstations, laptops and network equipment are always up to date. As an important part of cyber essentials this can help keep you compliant with this important control.

Firewall & UTM Management

Firewalls are your first line of defence against threats on the internet. They act as the gatekeeper to your network and allow good stuff in and keep bad stuff out. Ensuring they are configured well is critical to IT security. Especially in complex networks where configurations may be complex.

Included in Geek-Guru support (24/7)

Firewalls are an important cyber security control and one of the five cyber essentials controls. Geek-Guru support includes full firewall management. This includes updates, logging and configuration management.

Anti-Malware / Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)

Some form of anti-malware protection is a must for all workstations and servers. This includes Windows and Apple Mac. It’s also critical for android mobile devices to have some form of malware protection as those too can become infected.

Included in Geek-Guru support (24/7)

Just having antivirus installed is not enough if your users don’t know what they are looking for. A virus outbreak could easily go undetected – especially in larger organisations. Geek-Guru support includes full, centralised anti-malware management and monitoring meaning someone is actively checking for security incidents across your network.

Managed Detection & Response (MDR)

Managed detection and response is the next generation in cyber defence. With MDR an engineer is watching your systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That engineer is not only scanning for malware but also collating clues from across your network. In the event of a hack or malware outbreak engineers are able to take defensive action in real-time.

Included in Geek-Guru support (24/7)

At Geek-Guru we go one step further are operate a full MDR platform. This means a qualified cyber security specialist is watching your network 24/7. They are constantly on the look out for patterns of behaviour that indicate you may have been compromised ensuring action is swift and effective.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Backup is critical to your overall information governance strategy. No cyber security framework is 100% effective (if anyone tells you otherwise you need a 2nd opinion). If all else fails, backup and disaster recovery is the fallback strategy. Backup should be comprehensive, tested regularly and aligned with organisational needs.

Monitored and maintained at part of support

Our cloud backup system is state of the art, cost effective and monitored around the clock by our engineering team. This is totally fire and forget for our clients. No need to swap drives or worry about taking tapes home.

Multi-Factor Authentication

MFA or 2FA is a critical component to protecting your systems from poor password hygiene and phishing attacks. Generally MFA is available as part of most cloud systems with no additional cost. For example, Office 365 has MFA included – it just needs to be activated.

Monitored and maintained at part of support

Whilst MFA is provided by 3rd party platforms (for example Office 365). Geek-Guru can configure, monitor and maintain these systems for you as part of support. We can even train your staff and provide comprehensive guidance throughout the transition to MFA.

E-Mail Filtering

E-mail filtering scans incoming email for malicious content. That includes viruses, trojans and even phishing attempts. No email filter is 100% effective but it can reduce the incidents of malicious email reaching users inboxes significantly.

Monitored and maintained at part of support

Email filtering is provided by a 3rd party (at an additional cost) but again it is fully managed by our engineering team as part of support. This can provide an additional layer of defence against nasties getting in to your network.

Policies & Training

We have a saying at Geek-Guru; “Humans before technology”. Your employees are the first line of defence against cyber threats. Good policies, procedures and training are worth a hundred shiny new bits of technology.

Optional Extra

Why not visit our specialist cyber education site – CyberSet.

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