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IT & Cyber Security

Protect, Prevent, Recover.

Downtime will cost you money.

Lost data will cost you money.

Bad PR will cost you money.

… Why take the chance?

Our team have several decades of combined experience protecting our clients from cyber incidents. We work to established government and industry backed standards such as cyber essentials, PCI and ISO27001. We help our clients stay one step ahead of cyber-threats through a combination of technology, policy and training. These are designed to help protect your IT, prevent cyber-incidents occurring and assist in quick and timely recovery should the worst happen

Protect.. Your IT systems

Protection from security incidents is multi-layered – there is no one size fits all. Geek-Guru adopts a risk based approach to cyber-planning which balances our clients risk appetite, budget & industry best practices to provide a high level of security with a pragmatic approach to costs.

Services include:

  • Malware protection – Keeping nasties out of your network
  • Firewalls and filtering – Stopping hackers at the front door
  • Updates and patching – Ensuring your machines are always up to date
  • Secure configuration of computers and networks – Ensuring you are not an easy target
  • Appropriate access control – Make sure your employees are the only ones accessing your data

Prevent.. Security incidents

Prevention of security incidents is about more than just technology. The human factor is equally (and perhaps more) important. We work with our clients to prevent security incidents through

  • Staff training – Ensuring your staff know about security risks and what to do
  • Policies and procedures – Providing your formal written stance on IT security
  • Application of security standards  – To provide a formal framework for your security measures
  • Monitoring & maintenance – To ensure security best practice is always followed

Recover.. Quickly from an attack

It would be disingenuous to say any security measure offers 100% protection from cyber threats; sometimes security incidents occur despite the best of intentions. Geek-Guru work with our clients to ensure that should the worst occur they are back on their feet as quickly as possible. Services include:

  • Cloud backup systems – ensuring your data is safe and secure
  • Business Continuity – Keeping you running if systems fail
  • Incident Response – Ensuring security incidents are responded to appropriately

Compliance Programmes

Compliance programmes, such as cyber essentials serve a number of purposes. They ensure that cyber security gets the exposure and management buy-in that it requires; they ensure that cyber-security efforts are coordinated and appropriate, and they ensure that cyber-security efforts are monitored over time and not allowed to degrade.

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