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IT Consultancy

Need specialist advice or assistance?

We’ve been running a successful MSP business for over a decade. We assist our clients with their own internal IT teams by providing specialist advice, auditing & technology support. Some of the many consultancy projects that we have successfully delivered include:

  • Technical Audits – Are your systems fit for purpose?
  • Budgetary Advice –  Are you spending money in the right areas?
  • Process Audits – Are your IT team working efficiently?
  • Monitoring Frameworks – Do you want to be more proactive?

We have worked with organisations of many sizes and in many industries. These include charities, manufacturing, health care, academy trusts, schools and financial services.

Are you struggling with support?

As an organisation grows it’s easy to underestimate the challenges posed by an expanding IT infrastructure. Support processes that worked for a handful of people on one site may not be suitable for several hundred people across different offices. Lack of maintenance, lack of monitoring and ineffective support processes can result in constant firefighting of issues, downtime and the potential for cyber security incidents.

Our experience of managing multiple clients can be leveraged to help you support your growing business. Our tools are designed to streamline support and just as those tools make our lives easier internally they can make the IT teams lives easier within your organisation. Our technology includes:

  • Helpdesk – To ensure support issues are tracked, prioritised and resolved efficiently.
  • Remote Monitoring & Management – To keep an eye on critical systems around the clock.
  • Documentation Platform – To ensure systems are documented and critical knowledge is captured.
  • Network Monitoring – To monitor networks and broadband for bottlenecks and potential speed issues.
  • Compliance & Cyber Security – To ensure systems are secure and compliance standards upheld.

We can assist you with setting up your own systems or alternatively bring you under the umbrella of our own systems. This can save you time and money and ensures you always have support from a team of experts.

0121 227 0439