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IT Architecture

Network Design

Geek-Guru has been involved with numerous networking projects. From small-scale extensions to existing networks through to complete design and installation of large offices and data-centres.

Network planning is crucially important. As a business grows, mistakes in network design can become significant issues. Businesses will often make the mistake of using their electrical contractor to install their IT network. However, network design is about much more than just pulling cables and installing wall-ports. By using an IT specialist, you are guaranteed that every aspect of your current and future IT needs will be considered in the design of your network.

More than just technology.

Geek-Guru doesn’t just stop at PCs, servers and other hardware; we feel a good IT solution should cover all aspects of information technology and communications. Your organisation will depend on a robust and reliable network infrastructure for its day to day operations, and we ensure that our services deliver.

We also provide the latest IT Security information and advice through our IT security specialist team, Emineo.

Wired, Wireless or Hybrid Network?


Wired Networks

Wired networks are still the most popular method for connecting computing equipment – and for good reason. They are efficient, fast and reliable. They are also subject to less interference than wireless networks.

Geek-Guru Services include:

  • Structured cabling including Cat5e, Cat6 and fibre.
  • Networks designed with careful consideration to proposed usage.
  • Full risk assessment prior to commencing work.
  • Cabling installed with minimum impact on existing infrastructure.
  • All work is certified and insured.

Copper & Fibre cabling

Copper is generally recommended for connections between desktops and the wider network. It is cost effective, reliable and offers good speeds. Fibre is generally used for connections between buildings or floors and for longer runs that would exceed the 100m limit of copper. Fibre offers excellent speed and reliability but does come at a price premium over copper connections.


Wireless Networking

Wireless technology has come on a long way but still presents some challenges. Large areas, irregular buildings and interference can all result in sub-optimal results. Geek-Guru specialises in delivering wireless solutions that achieve high levels of coverage cost effectively.

Indoor WiFi

Geek-Guru has extensive experience planning and deploying WIFI to cover both small and large areas. We utilise specialist tools to plan and analyse wireless propagation in real-time which lets us effectively place access points for maximum coverage.

  • Deployments from 1 access point up to 100
  • Secure wireless networks using the latest encryption
  • Guest networks that are separated off from your main network
  • Options for centrally managed systems or stand-alone access points

Outside WIFI

Geek-Guru can plan wireless networks spanning both inside and outside spaces. We can deploy outdoor access points to cover playing fields, car-parks and any outside space where a fast connection to the network is required. We can also use WIFI to link otherwise inaccessible buildings using a point-to-point wireless bridge.

  • Outdoor networks covering both small and large areas.
  • Point-To-Point networks to link buildings without cables.
  • Full weather proof systems.
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