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Top 10 blocked websites

OpenDNS have posted their annual stats for 2010 and it proves interesting reading for any business looking to lock down their net connection. The Study from DNS service OpenDNS shows that most businesses appear to be concerned primarily with employees wasting time with Facebook, MySpace and YouTube topping the charts. Perhaps unsurprisingly a number of pornographic and file trading sites also make the top 10 showing that businesses are as concerned as ever that employees do not use company resources for dubious uses.

The study also covers phishing sites and lists the top 10 targets for phishing in 2010 with PayPal coming out clearly on top at over 45%. Whilst this should not stop businesses using this very popular and useful service it does seem to imply a greater level of awareness and staff training may be needed if PayPal is in use within a business.

Check out the study here if you’re interested in seeing the stats for yourself.

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