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Protecting Data – Part 1 – Planning

In this series of mini-blogs we’re looking at backups and data protection. How do you backup your data, how is it best to store data to ensure you always have a copy at hand and how do you protect it when it’s off site.

Planning Backups

The data stored on your backup is arguably the most important data you might never need. Most businesses will never actually use their disaster recovery backup (assuming their system is set up properly and monitored). However, is it worth the risk of not having adequate backups in place should the worst occur? It’s usually too late to address flaws in your strategy once a disaster has actually occurred and the backup is required. Every minute spent in planning is an extra guarantee that your business will survive a disaster.

Ask yourself these questions about your backup:

  • Is your backup sufficient to protect all your data in the form you would require it in?
  • How long would it take to restore a backup in the event of a disaster?
  • Do you have a plan for if your office or IT system is destroyed? What is your disaster recovery plan? Do staff know the plan?
  • Is your data stored in more than one place?
  • Is your backup data sensitive? If you lost a backup could the data be of value to criminals or your competitors?
  • Is the data on the backup subject to data protection regulations?
  • How many copies are you storing off-site. In a disaster can you guarantee the data would be accessible (you are storing them off-site right)?

Backups do not plan themselves. They take careful analysis looking at the specifics of each IT system and how that system is used in the organisation.

Next Time – Backup Software

Next time we’ll be looking at the specifics of backups. Check out our next blog entry for some great tips on choosing backup software.

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