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Office Mobile for Office 365 Subscribers


Office Mobile has been out since June for iOS and since July for Android users, but what’s it all about, and what can it do?


One thing we didn’t cover in our long series of posts about Office 2013 and Office 365 was Office Mobile. Microsoft don’t really make a big deal out of their mobile app, opting to instead direct customers to use the Office 365 Web Apps on their smartphones – this may be partly due to the fact that the current versions of Office Mobile for iOS and Android were launched in June and July of this year, respectively – and so were not available at launch.

So, what is Office Mobile? Well, as you may have guessed, it’s exactly what it seems – a mobile productivity suite comprised of special versions of the most popular Office apps, tailored for use on smartphones. It incorporates versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint, but also includes some of the advanced or additional features you would probably not expect to be available on a mobile platform, such as animations in PowerPoint presentations, charts and Smart Art graphics. This means documents created on the full desktop version will be viewable correctly on smartphones and tablets, and also means that the advanced formatting is not lost if the document is edited on one of these devices.

As with the rest of Office 365, it is very well integrated with other Microsoft services, such as SkyDrive, or, if your company has one, custom SharePoint servers and SharePoint Online.

You can not only view and edit documents on Office Mobile but also create new ones, and share them as you would using a desktop PC, via SkyDrive, SharePoint or good old email. You can also read or add comments to files as you would using the full desktop suite, and if you load a large document from SkyDrive or SharePoint that you’ve previously been reading on another device, it will remember your position and ask if you would like to resume reading where you left off.

Installing and using Office Mobile does not count towards the user or install limit placed on some packages (such as Home Premium’s 5 install limit), so you can use it on as many devices as you like, provided you sign in to an account with an active Office 365 subscription on the device.

The catch is that you must have an active Office 365 subscription to use this suite – but in our opinion it’s just another addition that makes Office 365 more valuable for businesses. It’s available on most subscription plans, including Home Premium, Small Business Premium, Midsize Business, and Enterprise E3 and E4 as well as various educational and governmental versions.

Find out more, or download and install the Office Mobile software by typing Office 365 into the App Store on iOS devices or the Play Store on Android devices.


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