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Laptop backups

When you think of backup most people think of their server. All our clients have a working server backup – we’d have it no other way! But have you stopped to think of your laptop?

Many of our clients have redirected folders meaning the my documents store and desktop are redirected to the server. This is great for desktops and laptops that are synchronised regularly. But what happens if you never visit the office or synchronise over VPN? Equally how do you manage backup if you have no server to synchronise too?

Ask yourself this. If you lost your laptop or it was stolen would you lose anything critical? Could you carry on, business as usual, or would there be something like email, documents, photos or iTunes music that you would be lost without?

Backup of laptops is not as easy as backing up a desktop PC or server as the system is usually mobile. You may not know where the laptop will be during the backup window. Because of this you need a backup system that can either backup on the move or is clever enough to backup when the system is in a convenient location.

Complex backups involving laptops are beyond the scope of this post. However, here are some good general tips for protecting data on the move:

  • If you do have redirected folders attached to a server, synchronize regularly to ensure the server has a recent copy of all your documents. Remember this can be done via VPN if you are not in the office much.
  • Use Dropbox to mirror important files to the cloud or other employees.
  • Use hosted systems where possible to store important data such as CRM in the cloud.
  • Backup your iTunes store to an external drive and keep it at home.
  • Backup your whole laptop to an external drive as often as you can. Preferably at least monthly.

Obviously if you want advice on backup for a fleet of laptops or backup in general please feel free to get in touch.

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