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IT4Business: Protecting your server environment

Your server runs your business. It stores your data, it runs your email system and it keeps your business moving in the digital age. But when was the last time you considered the suitability of the environment in which your server operates? Servers require a secure, cool and dry location to ensure that they keep running without developing hardware problems but many people are neglecting at least one of these factors.

Our enterprise clients operate comms rooms with air conditioning and whilst this is the ideal setup it is often beyond the reach of smaller businesses. However, providing good airflow needn’t be expensive and in many cases it can simply be a case of rearranging the position of equipment.

Equally servers must be protected from water damage and high levels of moisture. Damp walls, leaking windows and even spilt tea can all pose problems for IT equipment so it’s worth positioning your server where these problems are unlikely to occur. Accidentally pouring tea on a PC would be a pain, pouring it your server would be catastrophic!

Lastly, your server must be secured against accidental and malicious damage and theft. If you have a dedicated room, ensure that it is locked. If you don’t have a dedicated comms room then perhaps it’s time to invest in a secure server safe or cage? It’ll pay for itself many times over if the worst does occur and you suffer a break in.

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