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Is VoIP for my Business?


In the final Geek Guru Blog of this week, we’ll consider the pros and cons of VoIP for your business, and find out if it’s suitable for you and your business.



Many businesses make and receive a large volume of calls, and it may be a larger number and be more expensive than they realise. If your company conducts a lot of business over the phone, you’ll already know how important cost-effectiveness really is. Particularly if you have international clients, your company may see quite a large amount of savings if you switch to a VoIP system. Of course, there is an outlay for setting up the system and the new hardware that’s required, but this is often much, much cheaper than installing a new standard telephone system, and the cost is outweighed by the potential savings.

Another of the great things about a VoIP system is that it’s still relatively cheap to upgrade, add new lines or add new users as your business grows. Any size or type of business may benefit from one of these systems, from a small office with 3 or 4 phones to a huge call centre with hundreds of people working simultaneously – the same system handles them both, enabling you to access the same set of configuration options no matter the size of your business or number of users. There’s a variety of phones available, from basic models for standard use to ones with a large number of programmable buttons, options and features – all of which can be controlled centrally from the server, so if you need to re-task a phone, it’s no problem.

Like all systems, even current PBX systems, there are problems and downtime. As with a standard telephone line, there can be problems with an ITSP connection or with your servers from time to time – which is why we offer support packages to go along with your system.


At Geek Guru, we’re always interested in keeping our clients up to date. If you choose to make the switch to VoIP, we’ll make the transition as hassle-free as possible, and set up your new system to exact specifications. We’re partnered with 3CX, one of the leading VoIP technology providers, and also with Spitfire, one of the best ITSPs (Internet Telephony Service Providers) available.

Along with our first class support, these all make for a winning combination – we’ll provide the support for your system and its servers just as we would for the rest of your IT, and we can handle any maintenance or upgrade requirements that the future may bring.



If you’re interested to find out what VoIP could do for your business, still have questions, or would like us to prepare a no-obligation quote tailored to your needs, get in contact with us and we’ll be happy to provide all the help we can!

Call one of our friendly engineers on 0845 234 0580 or drop us a line by email at



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