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Hard drives – Part 3 – Preventing Damage

In this series of mini-blogs we’re looking at hard drives. What are hard drives, why do they fail and what can you do to extended their life and prevent data loss?

What can you do to prevent damage to your hard drive?

In the last blog post we discussed the mechanical nature of most hard drives and how that can cause damage and data loss if they are mistreated. The majority of desktop PC drives will sit in the PC chassis and never be touched or moved. Because of this they are very unlikely to suffer from damage due to movement. Laptops on the other hand are constantly on the move and it is for this reason that we see so many more laptop drive failures.

Here are some tips to avoid damage to your laptop hard drive and to ensure that the drive lasts as long as the other components in the laptop:

  • Don’t move a laptop when the laptop is on and the drive is spinning.
  • If you absolutely must move a laptop that is on, try to keep the laptop flat – I.e. the drive spinning in the same plane – never tilt a laptop when it’s on.
  • Don’t drop or bang a laptop – this may sound obvious but this includes dropping it on a soft bed or on the car seat after using it – it may not damage the laptop but will certainly wear the drive.
  • Try to avoid using the laptop where it will suffer from excessive vibration when in use.

Next Time – Solid State Drives

With all these issues with mechanical drives you wonder why they haven’t invented an alternative… Enter the solid state drive. Keep an eye out for our next instalment when we look at this exciting technology and how it is changing data storage.

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