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Choosing the Right Equipment – Smartphones – Part 2


Continuing our articles on how to choose equipment that suits your needs, today we’re looking at two more types of smartphone available on the market.


While iPhone and Android are the two most popular OS choices for new smartphones, there are two more options. These options are a little more uncommon but still have their own style, strengths and weaknesses.

  • Windows Phone

While Windows based smartphones have limited popularity at the moment, they do still have something to offer businesses. The Windows Phone UI is in the same ‘metro’-type style as Windows 8, meaning if you like the way Windows 8 is laid out, you’ll be comfortable with Windows Phone.

It also has many of the apps offered on Windows 8, through Live Apps, which can be useful if you find yourself looking for an app to use both on your PC and on the move. It is integrated well with SkyDrive, and comes with a built-in Office 365 companion package that allows you to use Outlook, Lync, SharePoint, and read Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents.

Because it’s not as popular as Android, it lacks some of the apps, but it is still a useful, robust, Office 365-integrated operating system, supported by Microsoft with regular updates.

Like Android, there are various manufacturers who make Windows phones, so there are a variety of models to choose from, varying in processing power, size and price.

  • BlackBerry

BlackBerry smartphones used to be very popular with businesses, because of the way BlackBerry phones were geared towards communication – most still come with a full QWERTY keyboard, and this makes them attractive to people who need to send long emails or messages while on the move. Another popular feature is the tighter security of BlackBerry, which makes them good for businesses with mobile workers who regularly need to handle sensitive or valuable data – And you can bring all of your employees’ devices together with the BlackBerry PC platform, making them easier to manage. Blackberry devices are built with constant use in mind and usually have good battery life.

Unfortunately, while the feature set of some of the phones is very good, many of the phones are slow and unresponsive, lacking the raw processing power that really is needed for some tasks. They are also complicated to set up, and difficult to troubleshoot if things go wrong.  Some models are also extremely fragile.

The operating system, while secure, seems slow, and because the devices are restricted in hardware, there are fewer options available than with Android. Like all other types of smartphone, it has an app store, but the choices here are also, unfortunately, rather limited.


Although the phone’s operating system is a huge consideration to make when purchasing a smartphone, there are some other things you’ll want to consider. We’ll be including a checklist of other things to consider in our next post, so be sure to come back for more information!


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